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-A peasant’s defence when pressured by big city sophisticates: Refusal.

-A lagging behind, insecure nation wishing to appear strong: Refusal

-Wanting to impose superficial self-importance: Obstruct

-Constantly saying Black when others say Blue, tiresome smallness

-Thus national ‘Grandeur’, meaningless self-delusion and useless conduct

-And gratuitous abruptness doing nothing for stature

On Turkey

That this country will join the European Union is a historical inevitability, more, it is a historical imperative. Timing represents the only remaining doubt. That it has managed to separate church and state and is already very close to achieving the western work ethic and will be forced to honour individual freedoms coupled with a fair judicial system, guarantees an enlightened Islamic base. The perfect future role model for surrounding Islamic Middle-East nations and a priceless contribution to world peace. The implications staggering, ignoring these anorexic politics.(summer 05)

Century XXI

Can you speak a little faster,

I have a short attention span!

And louder,

because I’m also going deaf from

what I used to think was having fun!

Hey, don’t you see I have no time to be sincere,

are you that dumb, not on the run, like everyone?

Hurry, Driver, slowing down my nerves get shot!

Tell me, M’am, how long will you ignore me,

so I can go, not lose this spot?

Waiter, can you speed it,

the Vichyssoise is getting hot!

No fooling, Paris through the roof, the Pope in Cuba,

erosion in the air, got to fix my hair, but what if I’m late,

my kid with AC/DC AD/HD, wonder why it is that he can’t concentrate!

At any rate

For Christmas I want my own traffic lights and parking zone!

Hi Mom, haven’t seen you in a while!

Was that her?

Can’t believe how old she got,

head shaking

as if her child is lost

Or is it Parkinson?

Legally Blind

Man’s ingenuity is such that he’ll irresponsibly push up his own birth rates, imperil the social fabric of his habitat by additionally importing a passively hostile under-class better off trained elsewhere, then poison and pillage his planet before calling it the great growth and development that safeguard his finances: Not Brave New World this, but Stupid New Globe.

Therefore I propose tripppling the minimum wage, only for menial or disgusting work. This will force society to take care of its own asshole and at the same time reduce the number of economic second-class citizens.

I love countries where crop pickers, sewer workers and cleaning ladies go to work in a couple of years old, but none too sleazy BMWs

Dry Martini

The Sahara was formed during a long stretch between 3000 and 6000 years ago, having had absolutely nothing to do with human behaviour, activity, punishment or salvation. In fact a brilliant new scientific study has revealed that what apparently changed a lush, sub-tropical landscape into a desert, was lack of rain. In the same region there were also fish fossils found, on mountain tops! So that which once wet now dry and down up, but tomorrow likely Sierra again. The planet constantly on the move I do worry and we must clean up, but let’s first have a drink and cease to be hysterical!


My friend Eddie the Dwarf takes long, long walks, only because he owns a very long dog.

The New Pariahs

DNA knowledge is a double edged sword, test taking damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Certainly, medical advances based on cell idiosyncrasy will be huge but also a whole new field of degradation opens up. The stuff of future novels. Linguistic, pigmentation, gender, sexuality, age, handicap, political or religious condemnation old hat, the new kid on the block your DNA. The reason you’ll be politely refused life and medical insurance, employment, marriage and having children. Brave new discrimination. Mark my word. (Spring 07)


Abstract art, Camus wrote, is a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered. And even if that’s not true there has been much abuse. So that I would at least add the word ‘sometimes’, as there’s terrible but also much enchanting modern stuff out there.

But if in Montreal, Amsterdam or Paris in contemporary art pantheons, arrogant or intimidated, but either way straight-faced curators, hang huge pitch black ‘toiles’ by some paint trickster, you might wish to call it ‘ils-se-foutent-de-ma-gueule-ou-quoi?’ art (What-do-they-take-me-for Art?). I don’t care who they think they are and the joke respectively but not respectfully very much on each of them. That old Emperor’s-new-clothes yarn, actually, except pictorally. And if in London the English wish to exalt a cow sawed in half, then placed in an aquarium and submerged in formaldehyde, as the mother of all artistic invention, let the poor dears be. But for Henry Moore, they never did know how to shape or paint seductively. (Sorry Freud, sorry Bacon, too much pink cold cuts, while more than pleased to derail that Damien hearse.)

But there are other modern works that have their ‘poids’ even though their simplicity and lack of artistry make one cringe when heralded by some as supreme artistic accomplishment. It is Pop art, more illustrative, more decorative than ‘serious’ art, that I’m aiming for. All that Warhol, Lichtenstein stuff and not scathingly so, except to say it works in combination with its environment only, not, in my opinion, when on its own placed in a gallery. For what I have noticed time and again is the strength of these works, only with people standing around one of them, or partially in front of them, with these very people, in my vision, an integral part of the spectacle, making their presence vital to the aesthetics of the scene. So that the opposite is also true: without the Pop art behind them, these people remain mostly unremarkable and again, as such, only the whole making some sort of combined artistry: great design, great lighting, with human props livening up the show.

And how do I arrive at this bizarre nonsense? It wasn’t the first time I noticed that when people walked away a particular work I was viewing would suddenly lose its luster, unable, always in my eyes, to hold its own. And then I saw an ad by the Maastricht Foire Internationale d’Art et d’Antiquités in the French Le Point magazine, and by Jove, I got it. It was a photograph, with two men wearing Borselino hats standing still between a Calder mobile and what looked like Lichtenstein Comics art to me, at least something very similar, and it became once again abundantly clear: take these two chaps away and you have nothing left, but also, take the art away and you have nothing left, with excuses to all perpetrators. And yet the combination of all elements having an absolutely stunning effect, an overall image which on its own should get painted as an oil, and proof in the pudding I dare say, as far as this particular photographic ad went.

So that this is how now I grade art, in what I see as my personal contemporary reference:

-Indisputable ‘Absolute’ Art, including Art Brut**

-Interesting or not so very ‘Installation’ Art

-‘Design’ Art, best built, only to be photographed & printed up

-Lousy or not ‘Statement’ (Conceptual) Art

-Preposterous ‘Bluff’ Art

leading to


-And valid ‘Pop’ or ‘Entertainment’, also shown as ‘Graffiti’ Art, on the condition it is surrounded and surrounds, thus perhaps better described as ‘Surround’ Art, situated in what might be seen as an inhabited room or street scape.

The difference being that in some cases I wished other visitors would never leave, in others that they had never come, or on still other occasions that I had stayed home… with my Mom.

(But what does this man like? The answer**: Well, for one, most but by no means every single piece of New York Abstract Expressionism!)

Both of Them?

A singer friend of mine in California has divorced, but wants to retain custody of the tits


The canal between the two great oceans to be widened and with Nicaragua threatening to dig another, I think some pretty sturdy ropes are required to keep those two continents attached. Lest the tectonic plates go on a rampage, setting all of South America adrift. (I worry a lot…)

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