Democratic Manifesto

In most countries where I’ve lived the Political Right tends to be less sharp but strong on work ethic. The Political Left on first impression smarter, but sadly far more prone to intellectual dishonesty.

Still, this is what I wrote some time ago:

Right is the hand of action, therefore it dominates. Yet can the Right do anything without the guiding Left hand, let alone chopping it off or tying it up? Of course not! On the contrary, the acting hand has to care for and defer to the guiding hand in order to avoid disaster. Some bodies may be Left-handed and very successful, but this is not the rule and in this case it must assiduously court and consult the Right hand, particularly as many tools and much machinery are designed for the other arm. What is certain is that a one-handed body is severely handicapped, its owner quickly morose and impoverished, and instead of an unattractive suitor more likely becoming a spiteful executioner. But the best of all scenarios the regular switching of hands: magnificent ambidexterity the real road to achievement, relieving needless suffering and representing man’s ultimate maturity!

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