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Question (I)

Why is being irrational so irresistible?


My cousin Clive from Australia, is making a fortune of late. He exports kangaroos to the Myanmar and Iranian judiciary, robes not included, of course. What a guy….

West Coast

A promiscuous anthropologist I know, refers to his flat-chested Haida squaw as his fucktotem.


Item: That lovely Mollah shouting it is God’s will that recent protesters in Iran, all be executed!

Item: Those Down Syndrome girls, loaded up with dynamite and blown to pieces by remote control in a crowded Baghdad marketplace. How sick does it get? And who has the courage to push that button?

Item: 5 Ceuta youths, preparing to blow themselves up and become martyrs, by killing as many Westerners as they can. Poor bastards having nothing to live for, apparently.

I refer to my previous postings MADNESS, NUCLEAR ZOO and more recently HEAL THYSELF, to put some perspective on spiritual gangsterism, holding unseen, false teachers responsible. Those always lying, always denying, always fleeing, always hiding: why? Aren’t they proud? And what about the personal courage… to stand up?

Swimming In Thought

Donald’s the deepest duck I know.


I wrote this in September 2006: After the altercation with Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, I read the Israeli Premier Mr Olmert promises to invest billions in Northern Israel, creating ‘a veritable Paradise’. This announcement, I take it, was for domestic consumption after having been severely criticized for Israel’s questionable military results there. Not a word about the horrendous destruction inflicted upon non-Hezbollah targets victimizing Lebanese with whom he has no bones to pick. In fact, people he’ll desperately need in future. Would his announcement not have carried far more weight if ‘Paradise’ would have included Southern Lebanon. Taking the wind out of the sails of Hezbollah’s handing out of wads of dollar (!) bills, compensating locals for its own disastrous ‘divine victory’.

I think that again a golden opportunity was missed by an Israeli government to radically rebuild its imagine in the region and to change the long term direction of its foreign policy.

Simplicity Thy Name

Most people take a very early position as to where they stand in life. And then have any interference with that position, those home notions, deflect or shipwreck off or on this bulwark. Politics, Religion, Profession, Family, Sports, Country, City, Neighborhood, Friends, Books, Papers, Education: anything hostile to the pre-taken position automatically remains unexamined & OUT. All that reaffirms: IN. Does it get any easier than this? Like the mail trays on each side of a desk, right near that shredder…

Viva España

Handcuffs in Spanish are ‘esposas’, or ‘wives’…. And the stick or baton in relay sprinting, the ‘witness’ or the ‘testigo’. Wanna interrogate the witness? Also a local Flamenco place put out a leaflet in English for tourists, promising them an unforgettable night of Spanish Clap.

Appeasement Kills

I’ve decided against a military career. It’s simply too hard on poor front page editors, who are too sensitive about self-defence and as with the tango, can’t accept it takes two to be decent. Though their indignation does not extend to thousands of others who die on the job. Yes, they’ll desperately rely on firefighters and cops also getting killed by the dozen each year, should their own house get blown up. ‘Own’ the operative word here, thus ‘indignation’ partial and a calculation. Editors with an agenda in other words. A fronted foreign agenda, or a forum hijacked and to news what infomercials are to education. But getting them to admit any of this another kettle of fish, not even when drunk. And what this also says is that nobody in his right mind is actively for war, but that we should equally be against cheap, exploitative sentiment and that outright appeasement already has led to at least one holocaust.

Boar Market

A wild boar comes perilously close to being an oxymoron

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