The Un-System

The Government in Spain has announced that any bank transfer of $5000.00 (equiv.) or over, will be subject of explanation to the local IRS, via the banks.

Well that will stimulate the economy, currently situated at around 20% unemployment. The chase on of course, for taxes to pay the national overdraft. But placing anyone who’s still working or creating jobs on some sort of most wanted list the craziest of all economic policies to pull a country out of its crisis. Forcing everyone and everything underground, bartering, not trading, no longer paying any taxes, or simply splitting up payments or transfers into fragments not surpassing the limit which used to be $15000.00, or so, let alone collect an increased general sales tax on goods and servcies of 18%.

This Government and its Prime Minister truly clueless about how to kickstart the economy and sadly representing a political class wallowing in its own mediocrity, never having had a job other than working for the Party, without any savy whatsoever as to how to deal with complex national problems. And answering only to that Party, never their constituents. Making the US or UK systems while much criticized, still the lesser of several evils.

At nomination time here the norm not being What Can He Do? but, To Hell With All This, He Sounds So Damn Good!

Cosmetics all of it, fake vision and methods, appearance what counts.

Not even style mattering, looking at their plastic frowns and vacant, goofy smiles.

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