When people can no longer afford where they live, when people start taking the bus, when adults start moving back in with their parents, or share apartments with others they hardly know, when people start renting out rooms in order to pay their electricity bill, and banks don’t know what to do with repossessed homes, when this takes place on a wide scale and for many years to come, when the State can’t collect enough to cover its bills and has to cut vital services not replacing retiring workers… it is that a nation is getting poorer, losing its wealth, or at least the one it thought it had, but that probably never quite existed.

So what we’re seeing everywhere really, is countries and people getting poorer, getting stuck once more with and in a huge underclass, all that whipped up phantom wealth melting snow under a forbidding sun.

Of course, it’s nice to do well for a while, except most forget this is the exception, not the rule, living high off the hog too long. Some taking it philosophically, others not so well, after the bubble bursts. The question is do we want to live like this, on the run, under exciting but explosive bubblenomics or take an honest step back, living more evenly, not stepping around the returning homeless, on our sidewalks, having whatever there really is, distributed equitably?

This is how I expressed from another angle, under Poems in my website:

Eighth Floor Second

No matter what you read

No matter what they say

and sounds like war

World crisis

is never Armageddon


a set of reversals

in the Babylonian building of Finance



Basement becomes Penthouse,

Third floor First,

Eighth floor Second

with the sad stupidity

of rapacious





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