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I Ran!

Ever see the mentally disturbed raging in the street, shouting and gesticulating at nobody in particular, at empty space? There’s something tragic about them, and there’s nothing we can do to help, except drugging them to keep them semi-anaesthesized.

The opposition in Iran, happily murdered in the street by the authorities for ‘disobeying God’ have found a terrific way to show their disaffection and disillusion with their Government, accusing it, if anything, of gross daily incompetence, and this by protesting on the roofs of buildings, where they can’t be gassed or shot.

But what a sight, crowded rooftops like overloaded decks of large boats in an ocean of evil, thousands shouting and balling their fist at nothing but empty space and thick air. The streets below empty but the crowds roaring from above, eerie, sad, tragic, the sound of nothingness, for now. Because drugged they’re not, and their bodily sacrifice slowly, slowly getting readied for the altar of common sense and decency.

So that in Tehran at least there’s life, perverse life, but still some distant promise, in Pyongyang even that long gone, a city of zombies, of the living dead, stuck in obsessive compulsiveness, where even rulers don’t go fishing anymore, where even rooftops are dead.

Where life itself is fishing on a rooftop, in that constant night….

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