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Discipline Lost

The European Union is installing boulevard-wide mirrors in the streets of Athens, so the crowd can demonstrate and riot against itself. For years pilferage, not a sense of proportion and duty, having been on the menu in most Greek households.

To Dictators, With Love

A return to Polarized Dictatorships? People in Ohio losing their job to a guy in Mexico or else halfway down the world in China, if it isn’t a volcano erupting on some other continent. Greeks losing their house so a banker in New York can deal himself an 80 million $ annual bonus, Belgians their pension because their fund is stolen empty in the Bahamas, with exports everywhere sagging abruptly because a bunch of currency manipulators artificially and at will drive a monetary unit up or down. And manufacturers not making their foreign produced products more accessible by passing on the savings, but flogging their down-graded wares at resulting double digit profits which executives and independent institutional shareholders, or else their managers, swiftly pocket.

Already inept national political leaders seem to control nothing anymore, because while there’s Globalization there’s no World Government or well functioning World policing bodies with real, swift hands-on powers, as such. And yet, what nobody demonstrates against is that Globalization ain’t working, that it is a brand new form of de facto financial and social anarchy, with seemingly no one responsible or accountable anymore.

The new elite as usual senseless, careless and blind, everyone else one way or the other getting robbed, and all this likely leading back to violent nationalism, false patriotism and xenophobia in a desire for autarchy and Utopias that cannot be, with everybody thinking of or about, but where nobody just thinks, and where Universities have become mute, complacent, indifferent nation/states, instead of the thought provoking rebels they ought to be.

But chaos creates new life, too, doesn’t it?

Though where?

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