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Having A Wonderful Time

Those ugly people breaking windows, burning cars, destroying businesses, beating cops, scorching the air, leaving debris and garbage in streets and parks say they are defending the earth and the poor.

Ah yes, constructive crtiticism…. meaning, cleaning up and rebuilding after them?


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Le Foot

Mais non, cheries! You misunderstood! At the World Cup and in a for themselves inexplicably shoddy way, by losing to them, France saved the honour of South Africa.

And that, mes enfants, is a most honourable thing to do.


Hitler wrongly assumed 80 million people could defeat and hold down 350 million equally developed bodies and minds for a thousand years. Islamists sadly dream about 1 billion adherents overtaking 5 billion superior mindsets. There are cultures where chilling, intimidating rhetoric stands for intelligent courage and conviction. Words followed by practitioners who do not understand they’ll disappear before any others, having achieved nothing while they lasted. And all this because the kept and the condemned can never defeat the free, besides gravity the greatest force on earth.

Zero Not Neo

After islamo-fascism and the neo-jihadists in the Middle East, the neo-cons in the USA, the neo-coms in Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador, we’re now getting treated to the neo-ottomans in Ankara.

The problem is there’s nothing new about the neos, in fact they’re disturbingly old hat. And a pretty ugly one at that.

What’s next? Real neo-colonialism, neo-slavery, neo-holocaust, neo-inquisition? We already have mass neo-migrations toward two continents.

In this context I like the word zero a lot better than the word neo, sounding so progressive but mostly representing depressing human endeavours. For what are we, but neo-pagans at heart…

On Pakistan

There appear to be three Pakistans, each with three different agendas that can all be accused of many triple dealings and still produce many in authority quite able to indignantly and rightfully deny.. everything.

But while otherwise remaining mostly silent, these same leaders must know something about what’s really going on in their own backyard or risk getting painted as stupid and incompetent.

Pakistan as such, it seems then, has only circular control.

Which is bad, but also it is probably best… this circle doesn’t get broken.


On Turkey (2)

I wrote this in 2005:

That this country will join the European Union is a historical inevitability, more, it is a historical imperative. Timing represents the only remaining doubt. That it has managed to separate church and state and is already very close to achieving the western work ethic and that it will be forced to honour individual freedoms coupled with a fair judicial system, guarantees an enlightened Islamic base. The perfect future role model for surrounding Islamic Middle-East nations and a priceless contribution to world peace. The implications staggering, ignoring these anorexic politics.(summer 05)

Well, anorexic they are. I like Mr Sarkozy and much of what he tries to do and even though he doesn’t seem to succeed too well in any of it. But you can’t fault a man for trying. However I never understood his staunch opposition to Turkey joining the European Union, and still don’t. It’s short sightedness of the first order, and presumably only placates irrational domestic sensativities.

But Mr Erdogan has begun pulling Turkey in the other direction, and that’s bad for Europe, for the U.S. and for Israel. And hardens geo-politics in the region along strict religious lines, which is bad for reason, bad for peace, bad for progress. It is a return to 19th century stand-offs and State hatreds.

I hope Mr Sarkozy and his colleagues, but also Mr Netanyahu, know what they’re doing. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t wise. But Mr Erdogan is clearly frustrated by the cold-shoulder treatment he’s been getting from Brussels, and the lure from the East too strong if the West remains blind to his real desires: a prosperous, modern, western style state graced with a light version of Islam.


Economies in liberal democracies erratic and volatile
Political patterns in open societies unpredictable
Climate all over indescribably unstable
But fashion ossified
And music agony
Lips fishy, skins reptilian. hormones crashing out like Formula I
Erections lasting more than 4 hours examined, unless one’s private physician is gay,
then better check another hand
yet all adjuncts of non-naturalistic carrying on and products of categorical imperatives
related to lunar death
and weather
not here,
but on the sun


In an another doomsday analysis that I saw on TV some British scientist explained how the ozone layer protects us from the sun and helps regulate temperatures on earth, making organic life sustainable. But that too much carbon dioxide eats away at this protection, reducing oxygen, affecting childbirth and unbearably warming up the globe.

He then went on to show how this warming will melt the permafrost in Siberia, thawing out the underlying plant life which starts to rot, in the process producing methane gas. Millions of tons of it. And methane 23x times more potent than carbon dioxide, capable of pretty well ending life on earth according to this happy researcher.

I don’t know, I’m from Canada, is there anything wrong with our permafrost and are all these climate keys only found in Siberia? And certainly, frozen wastelands cover large parts of all far northern areas. They seem infertile, inhospitable, barren, forsaken, but doesn’t it surprise the good man that there is frozen plant life beneath the tons of snow and ice? Wouldn’t that tell the chap that many thousands of years ago the place warm enough to have normal vegetation? And that there are cycles at work in the universe that are still not understood, not by him, not by anyone? That we’re still here, that less than 20.000 years ago the Sahara was a lush, moist and green place? Well before Chinese smelters, Japanese cars and Westinghouse refrigerators?

I say clean up the mess, it bothers me, the aesthetics of it alone making me sick, but stop the extrapolations, the hyperboles, the alarmism of it all. Besides, we have nothing to worry about, isn’t the Lord protecting us?


My friend Eddie the dwarf is pissed off. He’s only 4′ 8″ and now Germany has put a ban on short selling stocks.

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