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My wife points out that Western women are asked to cover their heads in Muslim countries the world over, which out of deference they do.

She would like Muslim women to remove their veils when in Christian countries, out of deference, which they categorically refuse.

On a lighter note the Catalan government has recently banned bullfighting, and burqas or bikinis on the streets. But not a word about bulls wearing burqas or bikinis running the Barcelona Ramblas in the heat.

Is this a legal loophole, or what!!!


That’s right, old age shouldn’t be synonymous with begging, work with slavery and speculation with investing. It’s all in the timing and in the proportions. Dignity the word I’m looking for, not the races, fixed at that. So that yes, fraction of a section, worldwide, electronically driven trades is for fast-buck operators without any vision or loyalty, unlike real investors, leaving their money, building, nurturing, seeing humanity and their capital grow!

Viva Capitalism!

Chinese workers ready to revolt wanting their share of the pie, ‘visionary’ manufacturers soon moving their outsourcing to Birma, Cambodia, Kazakstan?

Marx got it all wrong, capitalism the ONLY way to spread wealth around the world, only lawlessness making it a failure.

After the big boys fuck up and the ignoble greed-trade gets a well deserved kick in the ass, after everybody recognizes that so-called investors are nothing but vulgar gamblers and that buying and selling should have a mandatory one year waiting period instead of thirty seconds, after the small consumer gets tired of his private jail of not spending, his only raison-d’être it seems, but happily also the only possibilité-d’être for so many others, that’s when the crisis is over.

Until the next cycle of unpunished theft, that is.

Cruise Baby, Cruise!

I made a few transatlantic crossings the old-fashioned way. On ships with real decks from where one could lounge and study the ocean, the seagulls, the skies, savour the smell of salt and ozone, and where one ran into pretty girls and wise old men. It was the most wholesome, peaceful and at the same time stimulating experience of my early life. The decks made the oceanliner, stood out in your mind and the first place you’d run up to after breakfast or any other meal, until well into moonlight. And if your journey hit a rough weather spell, they’d be roped off but you could still sit somewhere and look at those very same decks getting sprayed with wild ocean water, till the scene cleared and your stomach settled again.

I now live near the ocean and frequently see those monstrous, deckless cruiseliners float bye, and think ‘what a waste!’. For someone discovered that decks are ‘lost’ space and can be filled in with more cabins, closing everything off, pumping in air-conditioning and ventilating the place to death, killing the seascape, those wonderful smells and sounds and sights. The hight of artificiality, nothing genuine, real, scintillating anymore. Plastic fun.

Floating suburbs, an apartment block with adjoining malls, full of stupid people getting drunk, who don’t remember much of Alexandria, Istanbul, much of anything, but man, did they have fun. Sea, what sea? We were on a cruise, fella, get with it, will yah! The only thing missing… a parking lot!

No wonder cruise ships are bacteria and fire traps these days, there’s no fresh water to even look at anymore, except for the Evian they plonk on your table three times a day. Because no lovely deck to make love on or barf your heart out, as the case may be but never at once…

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