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Death By Immigration, Death By Longevity?

Demographics I

Death By Immigration, a pessimist wrote about his German Heimat, and a hyperbolic title if ever there was one. But simplistically speaking, if a nation succeeds in educating everyone equally it immediately gets beset with the problem of nobody wishing to do menial work anymore. And so this nation must replace its old underclass or lose some of its wealth, due to the rapid malfunctioning of the State and Industrial ‘machine’.

Tripling wages only for hated but necessary work would solve the problem partially, but how to handle resulting immigration becomes paramount, especially when the new, imported lower workforce doesn’t want to, can’t or isn’t really allowed to integrate.

Germany, I read, will need half a million new foreign workers a year by 2012, just so the original population can hang on to its material privileges. Whereby one can readily tell that in a country of a little less than 100 million autochthon inhabitants this is going to change the fabric of society drastically, unless the situation is handled extremely well. And this, as we all know, is a phenomenon not foreign to the USA, The UK, FRANCE or any other wealthy nation, with sometimes disastrous, if obviously not economic, social results.

In my essay TRADITION I suggest that perhaps the best approach is the Swiss one, whereby immigrant workers get a 5 year visa, must return and are not allowed to ‘import’ their families, the way people went ‘Up North’ to Canada’s harsh artic region and work on the cold-war DEW line in the fifties, to make a buck, learn a trade, and set themselves up nicely at home financially.

The problem is that immigration should be a two way street when mostly it isn’t. Terra Patria’s biggest agony that there are too many ‘worlds’. A place where not only disease and disaster thought long fought off now rear their head again and where twelfth century minds and dispositions must compete with more technically and morally advanced twenty-first century ones and apt to come up with primitive, unreasoned rebuttals and quick but mindless (read violent) solutions for at least another couple of centuries. (Aristotle, where were you when needed most, spreading your teachings of inexorable conclusion and consequence?). At the same time nature dictating that opposites must merge, making that those debilitating differences shall one day all be overcome. The great paradox of course that man cannot abide change when merging populations represent change, but also every biologist knowing that without change life ultimately shuts itself down. Still, unbridled, unbalanced migration doesn’t work for anyone and certainly when one habitat becomes more attractive than another there should be some sort of social key imposed, referring to norms of respect and common sense as far as the migrant is concerned, a universally binding, UN sanctioned sworn statement to be demanded off him/her specifying something like this to protect that other habitat:

Earn, Learn, Return!

get invited, don’t walk or break in: intruders don’t get far
after having been asked in, don’t only take: contribute
you’re not in a position to find fault with the nation you ‘invaded’, if you can’t integrate, stay home! be loyal to and accept unconditionally the mores of the society that embraced you. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. and whatever you do, don’t overstay your welcome, visitors are like fish, after x amount of time they smell, five years at a turn in this case
do understand where the highest virtues of your new world came from, take these home and start applying them. Work at it, don’t skip queue and only grab, it took others centuries to forge what you found
educate yours accordingly
if you say you accept but don’t live up to these points, you and yours’ll be automatically removed: for utter lack of respect and abusing your democratic rights by refusing to be.. democratic!

So that migration, as in so many professions, takes on the form of a ‘stage’, or a contract. Ultimately producing real wealth and health back home and eliminating denigrating hand-outs. The, as the political economist Peter Bauer classified it, totally unproductive giving of money by poor people in rich countries, to rich people in poor countries. And so that demographic guidelines and the import of a foreign workforce, like everything else, require a certain discipline and doesn’t have to lead to the death by immigration of one nation, or the bleeding dry of another through the departure of its most enterprising and courageous elements.

Demographics II

Death By Longevity, yes, demographics is the spring of all things, just like Japan is running into another problem, the one of longevity and the underreporting of a couple of hundred thousands of deaths, making its vaunted public health picture a bit of a lie, and the pensions it keeps on paying to those long dead, a huge fraud with some families claiming recipients who are more than 150 years old. Still there is no doubt that an ever legitimately aging but unproductive population will become a enormous burden to a shrinking active one, unless you import a working population….. to keep your social plus medical services and pension handouts up and running and in order for a nation itself to avoid death… by both phoney and real longevity.

So you see, if run like a business in the end and in perhaps a thousand years from now the world will truly be without conventional borders, wealth shared, race differences erased by dilution and religious stupidity eradicated once and for all so life can continue. Now won’t that be the day! And let the first timid steps in this direction be taken!

A Most Refreshing Dismissal

Instead of ranting Death to the Infidel because of some idiotic pastor in Florida threatening to burn the other’s holy book, the latter saying ‘ Oh, that’s so Christian!’ and let the matter rest.

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