Piece of Tail

Even though the unbridled Right may have got a nation into trouble, the tail cannot wag the dog, and so it is ideologically difficult for a government of the Left to pull a country quickly out of its economic crisis. By nature it can steer but it cannot drive. Even when it becomes mature and takes the measures that it must, it ironically and strictly speaking often ceases to be… quite Leftist. To wit, see the inept mess it finds itself in, in Greece, in Spain, in Portugal and even in the very USA.

On the other hand immature, un-ceding populist Socialism manifests itself in nations with an immature elite, Left and Right, solving nothing except exterior sabre-rattling, while often ending up a sordid one-man dictatorship.

But again and incongruously an intolerant Dictature of the Left soon becomes a de facto regime of the far Right. Take for instance the Maoist ideology that all structures must periodically be destroyed to keep the ‘revolution’ alive: by unfortunately excluding the Communist Party under Mao Zedong himself, for years doing nothing for the Chinese, it became clear that Mao was… an extremely lousy Maoist, not much different from Franco.

As it turned out though Communism in its phantom struggle with capitalist consumerism had overlooked that by themselves goods are not evil and that economic freedom creates wealth, that open trade despite its excesses is the best overall incomes distributor under the sun. But China still remains a closed political prison for far too many and improving the food of Nobel peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo not quite the policy the Chinese themselves are pining for. With Liu saying, yeah, but I still get Chinese food. Bring me a steak…

Immature Socialism is bad Socialism and even good Socialism must play by the rules of common sense or will eventually harden into some sort of dysfunctional dictatorship. Yet, immature Conservatism ain’t much better and has its own drastic failings. So why don’t we set up not a Tea but The Give & Take Party, the best darn tail-wagging dog on the block? For indeed, there are harrowingly obscene examples of the ugly Right ‘at work’, and on the ugly Left the insane French ‘syndicats’ can quickly be identified, public workers included, those who never strike on their holidays, or the destructive Greek unions or Spanish workers not realising that in order to strike one has to have a job and be already somewhat privileged in a country with 21% unemployment, yet not demonstrating to help those suffering comrades and their innocent families, but for themselves getting better pensions.

You see, on both sides there’s plenty of dirt to go around and the little guy unfortunately not always equipped to fight, but too often perpetuating his own prediccaments with a little help from leaders who couldn’t run a fruitstore.

So that under these circumstances vision and give & takism on both sides, remaining suchs noble objectives!


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