Have A Cig!

Statistics are absolutely wonderful, they’re like puddy, you can mold them into anything you want.

30% of deadly car crashes are caused by alcohol consumption, 70 % were ‘clean’ impacts. So that it is 70% saver to drive with than without alcohol in the blood. To hell with DIU charges! Cheers.

The western adult in the 16th century enjoyed an average lifespan of only 40 years. Until tobacco got discovered, smoking its leaves into and through the lungs becoming the rage and doubling the average western adult lifespan to 80 years in little more than 3 centuries! So light up, I say! And soon enough we all live to be a 120!

Traffic accidents will happen and it is a fact that by spending more hours in it, the chance of getting hit increases in equal proportion. So that by getting in quickly and speeding your ass off to get the hell out, actually reduces mortality rates on the roads. Plank it, man!

Construction has come to a standstill, millions became unemployed, now sitting at home. But the Government congratulates itself on its policies, for statistically having reduced work related accidents. Destroy some more industries, and you’ll also bring inflation down to zilch.

And so on….


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