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Rangoon Lament

When I look at the conduct of the Burmese and North Korean military dictatorships I can’t help but think what the Japanese had sunk into by the time they invaded Manchuria and all of the Asia-Pacific rim. A regime of unprovoked harshness and obstinacy in covering up its own delirious incompetence.

Think of the military classes of certain destitute nations as a single person, a bully, who has managed to enjoy the semblance of privilege and prosperity by constantly threatening and subjecting others. Then turning low-key hysterical about his safety, arming himself, pretending that he’s crazy and irrational so no one will attack him, once in a while striking out preemptively to make his point, yet never going the distance or be liquidated of course. A man who can no longer find it within himself to give up, to give way, to transform, even when he finds himself sinking into a vortex of perdition while everyone across the valley has found prosperity, creating everything he ever longed for… without becoming a pariah. For he is not a free man. He is a condemned man, a prisoner of himself, and knows it. And stalling, stalling, postponing now, because at heart a coward.

What must it feel like to have hundreds of thousands die of hunger and misery before your eyes, every year, every season, when you get up in the morning and open your windows? And you think you cannot, therefore will not stop it?

Fortunately most of us will never know, but it is widely felt Hiroshima had to happen because the Japanese did not know how to stop. It was more than an anachronistic nineteenth century cult of conquest and domination. It was a deep sense of inferiority expressed in the form of aggression, additionally tainted by a theatrical sense of ‘honour’.

No Zen there, and very little Buddhism or God sense, just hard core greed and insecurity dressed up as dogma and achievement.

There is no doubt this will end badly, but the sooner the better. The man devoid of reason and moral courage, the classes incompetent, those nations bleeding to death, only saved by lobotomy or amputation one day.


The Last of the Mohicans had a lot to worry about, but luckily they were Fenimore Cooper’s fiction.

The Last of the Pure White Americans may have something to worry about, but luckily their disappearance also is a fiction, believed only by a handful of insane supremacists with whom one wouldn’t trust one’s destiny broke, drunk or crippled.

So what is it with these un-Christian warriors, not even understanding the basic tenet of their own ‘faith’?

After nearly decimating Native Americans, the great white mass at least had the reluctant decency to reserve huge tracts of land for them to maintain their culture. No longer having much to do though, hunting and fishing relegated to supermarkets and garbage TV programs about themselves, they were soon reduced to booze or sniffing glue, but at least left with the private space in which to do it.

So here’s my solution. What happened to the Indians was tragic, but perhaps we should give the White Supremacy species the same opportunity. Round them up, disarm them and give them a stretch of land to set up their own culture, where, cut off from the society they despise, they have to produce everything they eat or wear, hunting game instead of tinted people, even make the shoes they walk in on their way to their new mud abodes. A ‘White’ reservation, as a rehab for their addiction to the glorious past. In other words ‘protecting’ them as Indians. With a bit of luck and reversely they’ll start boozing, sniffing glue and committing suicide. Who knows, but a nice bit of punitive irony as it’s called.

While at the same time we all start treating peaceful Indians, Blacks and anyone different as useful, productive brothers and citizens.

See who’s better off…

War And Prayer

Or should it be War On Prayer? George W. Bush, despite his prayer breakfasts, happily went to war when he thought this benefited his country. Tony Blair, a staunch Anglican, became a staunch Catholic, while happily going to war when his country was not under attack. They acted in no way differently than an Atheist Prime Minister or President would have reacted under the same circumstances and based on the information available to them. Here in Spain extreme religious fervor hits the streets every Spring with young men waiting years to carry an idol of the Virgin through the crowd, but statistically at least, speed, steal, hit, betray, murder, belittle, insult, swear, rob, kill, injure, defraud, and lie as much and sometimes even more as young inhabitants of regions not having religious fervor in their blood. In other words and across the board, morals in religious nations are not markedly superior, and Honduras or El Salvador not ethically or otherwise above Finland or the Czech Republic in any way, despite people in Central America sinking to their knees a lot.

Even pious secondhand car dealers carry on like any one else, religion making no damn difference anywhere, not to bankers, soldiers, actors, senators, drivers, tailors, sailors, waiters, plumbers, grocers, engineers, musicians, builders or wreckers. So what is this religion bit but decoration or at times a valium pill? Nobody guided by it in their daily conduct, except for personal or perceived national gain sometimes.

Business as Usual! Churches and Cathedrals should hang up signs on their doors saying: C’mon in! Don’t You Worry About Us! Atheists by and large seeming less sanguine, more intelligent and mainly better off. So that if personal wealth alienates one from the gospel, it also makes many behave more like saints.

I don’t know about Democritus and Lucretius, ancient secular thinkers, but Baron d’Holbec, Diderot, Hume, Voltaire, Rousseau et al, besides the first written atheists in a thousand years at a time when even during the European Enlightenment epoch it was still physically dangerous to be so, as it happened also were very well off. And now I read that Robespierre kind of sympathized with nature-boy Rousseau’s free natural impulses, but nevertheless helped keeping religion strong in order to control the crowds after the French revolution. Vive the Meek! Yet paradoxically Lenin and the boys eliminated all religion to the same end, in Bolshevik Russia.

Islam has been kept furious by keeping people furiously poor. It loses most if not all of its clout where Arab capitalism succeeds and a majority of people gain ‘normal’ daily lives in a materialistic sense, when suddenly it all seems to make little difference to a man and his family, except again for personal use, like those infidels Blair and Bush.

So go ahead, screw around, screw up, screw them, then ask for a little forgiveness, killing the godless, those rich bastards, when you can.

Who cares!

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