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Major Mouths, Minuscule Minds

Ever noticed, without exception, what incredibly petty, humourless, thin-skinned and vindictive sulkers all the leaders of repressed societies are, with the moral development of ill-bred twelve-year olds? Punishing judges, imprisoning defenseless hikers as spies, making journalists disappear, jailing courageous opponents, getting really angry at the world all the time, yet doing nothing of worth for their own nations?

Think of China, Burma, Zimbabwe, Byelorussia, Russia, North-Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and the like, ruined or ruinous second-rate countries basically scared of their own shadow, having no ideals other than to bully and parade while protecting a handful of ruling families, the party, the top of their military and a few hundred thousand uncivil servants.

Is it true that these Peoples get the leaders they deserve, as the saying goes? Is everyone there really callous, primitive, punishing, vengeful, inconsiderate, insecure? Or can the small and the few only rule the tall and the numerous by unconscionable deception?

Yes for a time, it seems. But never for more than a few decades, ultimately freed also without fail and if not at first, the second time around. To wit Germany, Spain, Chile, South Africa and many, many more.

With the longest wait for the ones suffering from split-personality disorder, like Pakistan!

Sullen Neighbours

One lives far, but not too far to disturb the shit in our ghetto. He has no right to stay where he holes out, but armed himself to the teeth and acts crazy and erratic to intimidate people who’ll walk in a large circle round his place, exactly the way he wants it. When he gets hungry he smiles and acts humbly, but insults his Samaritans the minute they walk away from his doorstep. Again, exactly the way he likes things. The authorities reluctant to intervene because there are children in the house that is packed with explosives, and so the homes next to it also quite vulnerable. He stretches for time in this manner but not his life, which is as doomed as it is deliberate. There’s method to his madness, he’s not crazy, as a matter of fact in his warped way he’s rational, and the proof in pudding lying in the fact that he’s been getting away with this for 60 years, and counting. The real problem what’s wrong with me, with us, to tolerate this nonsense. Its paradox that there are times decency must raise its terrible fist, proving it is what it is, or die by its own impotence and complacency.

The other one lives one street over, is big and fat and rich of late and could easily take care of the first one, but looking the other way because they’re related. By selling cheap stuff that nobody wants but everybody buys he made a lot of money not paying his children, slaving away, making that stuff in his large basement. So much money that he has lent a lot of it to the same people, us, buying all his crap, only so we’ll keep on buying. And now the Ghetto worries we’re in hock so much, the big one will overtake us, maybe putting us also in that horrible basement.

But they forget we really have him by the balls, setting him back half a century simply by not paying back the debt or stopping to buy the stuff, his kids growing up, having seen the light, hoping to get set free and receive a decent wage, in all their fury finally getting rid of him. For what would he do, running out of materials he needs, his own kids having no use for the stuff: the bully needing us more than we need him to hold on to his house, no matter how much we owe him.

Strange symbiosis like everything else in nature yet it is no accident that tigers, that most dangerous of all species, are also the most endangered animals. And even more if made out of paper.


A man in The Hague was thrown out of church after its caretaker called the police one evening. The person said he was looking for God and wanted to climb up as high as he could, to get closer to Him. The others said he was a disturbed trouble-maker.

Imagine, a man going into a church, after hours, looking for God!

I wonder who’s nuts here….

Wikileaks Piss Off

Willie leaks are more exciting!

There’s something cheap about them, and I don’t care for mediocre thinkers and crooks, but I care even less for crypto-evangelists.

To pick on an imperfect but reasonably open society, exposing semi-confidential musings by diplomats and politicians that mostly didn’t make it to the level of State Policy, is snitching producing acute embarrassment but little else.

Looking at all the dangerous, cruel shit-disturbers in the world promulgating intense suffering in the name of phoney dogma, I would be really impressed with Mr Assange if he located and inspired whistle-blowers inside North Korea, Iran, Burma, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Rusia places like that. Decoding and publishing those private communiqués, exposing the betrayal of their own citizens and by implication the world community.

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