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Royal Wetting

At least that’s how a German acquaintance of mine pronounces it, and he’s not far off the mark.

I’m resigned to the fact that like air, water and bread most people need dreams to see them through. They’ll cry for them, fight for them, kill for them, if need be.  No use throwing rationality at them and the, to them, ridiculous notion that nobody has blue blood, in the morning putting on pants like everyone else, right leg first.

It is so with religion and with monarchy, people reducing themselves to the level of twelve year olds, crying at the sight of a wooden effigy of the Holy Virgin, or the silky appearance of a princess or king.

It is all a matter of maturity, grown up, respectful nations needing no Royalty, traditions like these  having out-served itself and its purpose long ago. As for religion… well you see what it does around the world, and he or she truly needing it likely having woefully little pride or self-esteem.

So have fun, watch that London wedding, but don’t ask me to join you in your teary bout of admiration and nostalgia, reserving mine for enormous or even small acts of uncalculated generosity.


War is the situation whereby people who do not know each other, kill each other on behalf of people who know each other extremely well.

Dictatorship is the situation whereby everybody fears one man, and this man fears everybody.

Kate & More

The maid of honour of the royal wedding was asked if she would walk with Kate as far as the altar.

No, she said, I’m taking the train!


Not only is the Libyan operation denying the patient chemotherapy, in order to save lives the pussyfooting International community allows Libyans to die by not preventing a maniac from re-infecting the patient in small, new doses, each day.

Looking at how much difficulty Kaddafi’s having in killing his own in order to stay on top, exposes the ridiculous ‘armed’ strength he had, airplanes long gone. He can’t even defeat his ragtag, inexperienced, untrained, ill-equipped opposition, without the help of bought, foreign executioners and despite his deadly sucker-punch tactics in places like Misrata.

No mountains, no forests to hide, no roads to hold, no coast which could be defended with vigour, no population of whom 80% on your side: in hindsight it would have been better to quickly invade, take over, mop up, install, get rid of opportunistic outsiders, send home the wicked mercenaries and hang the sitting-duck gangsters causing all the devastation.

It would have taken 10 days, no more, and out. That’s saving lives. That’s why the International community is a community with moral values higher than any crackpot dictator and sending a clear message to the world: that the days you had Carte Blanche to kill whom and as many as you want in your own country, are over.

NATO boots on the ground can still be done, and ain’t neo-colonialism.

Call it neo-decency-ism!

10 Days!

Semantics (2)

Subtitle: A-c-a-d-e-m-i-c H-o-g-w-a-s-h


‘He argued that there was no inherent or necessary

relationship between that which carries the

meaning, and the actual meaning which is carried.

For example, the word “car” is not actually a car – the

meaning of car could be carried by any random

string of letters. It just so happens that, in English,

that meaning is carried by the letters  c-a-r.’


No kidding!


Of course, how stupid of me! You can’t step into three

letters, rev up and drive away. In English, in Swahili

or whatever. Letters are not the object, and letters

grouped into words are or have only become

representative of an object. They are symbols in

sound or on a sheet or screen, like money is a piece of

paper which cannot be eaten but buys you the goodies

which can. Money the means, not the essence, and

the  paper symbol of wealth. Ah, and yes, the word

money can be eaten, when made out of chocolate



Well now, what a useful revelation. Making that

Semiotics, the study of all this, actually analyses the

obvious, and the obvious is immaterial, and the totally

immaterial to all effects… nothing, merely concluding

that a symbol is not a practical, a real thing, and this

knowledge of significance only to poor bastards who

cannot otherwise see or feel or carry the real thing.


So that in the name of the rose, what can all this

onanistic thinking deliver about the     S-p-e-e-d of the

C-a-r, so important to most? Or really tell us about

E-x-i-s-t-e-n-c-e? Or H-u-m-a-n H-u-n-g-e-r?


Semantics (1)

A friend of mine in Harlem, opened a hamburger joint he calls


And there`s nothing they can do!

No Crime!

This is the gist of a column by Manuel Alcántara in Málaga’s Dario Sur newspaper today:

-Barabbas, who hung on the cross next to Jesus, had killed a dozen people but they let him go.

– Pontus Pilatus ‘an arsehole who almost ruined Easter’ by letting Jesus go as well, decided very democratically to let the people decide. His people, to be sure! Who condemned Jesus, a man who had killed no one, but wanted to save us all.

– Jean-Paul Sartre, no theologian, said he was a mere political agitator, that’s why!

-There had to be something, why else punish a guy who gave sight to the blind, and bread and fish to the hungry, while changing water into wine?

-But what’s really been proven time and again is not only that there is no perfect crime, but mainly that there are no perfect judges.


It’s Easter. I remember leaving a Basilica in

Amsterdam one day after listening to Bach’s majestic

choral St Matthew’s Passion and even though not

religion-driven feeling quite overwhelmed and at

peace, brought on by that music. Until, after its

conclusion, I got to some makeshift wardrobes with

my coat number in my hand where I got shoved and

elbowed by rude, pushy,  queue jumpers evidently

having learned nothing from the experience. So

much for dignity, civility and inspiration provided by

the sacred, I thought, as if they all had to catch a last

train or would be left sleeping on some park bench,

robbed, mugged, murdered or what have you, during

the night. So much for incorrigible humanity, so

much for religion, or simply that religion is fine, but

it’s people remaining impossible?


In Malaga they let the Holy Virgin, the Macarena, out

into the streets to bless the populace and religious

brotherhoods, in masks and robes so the devil won’t

recognise them, carrying floats of Her in slow

procession on their shoulders and for which honour

young men compete and wait all year, crying large

tears if it rains and the outing gets cancelled. Rain,

what an affront to God, right? And those men, not just

competing but threatening each other we hear,

breaking each other’s legs and worse if need be, to

gain a spot on that holy mission of blessing and

redemption. Or rather, so much for incorrigible

humanity, so much for religion, or just people

impossible again?!


In Iraq and Pakistan similar rivalries, except even

cruder. Islamic Shi’ites and Sunnis bombing and

killing each other’s pilgrims in holy shrines and places

of sacred worship, urged on by their learned Imams.

Such a lovely world and so much for incorrigible

humanity, so much for religion, or only just them



Let’s just say that most of us still have a long,

long road to go, to eternal harmony!




My friend Dave lost his hearing in an accident. After years he was finally able to get an ear drum transplant.

The problem is, his surgeon messing up. Mistakingly placing the incus between the wrong cheeks…. !!

He now gets blasted every time he breaks wind…KAAAABOOOOMMMM.

And also faints a lot.

Haven’t heard from him in a long time, but he has!


Africa wants respect, real respect.

Enough slavery already, enough colonialism and neo-colonialism!

Fair enough, but as long as independence is plunder and having to be bombed out of office,

Don’t count on it.

Respect ain’t owed,

It’s earned.

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