Royal Wetting

At least that’s how a German acquaintance of mine pronounces it, and he’s not far off the mark.

I’m resigned to the fact that like air, water and bread most people need dreams to see them through. They’ll cry for them, fight for them, kill for them, if need be.  No use throwing rationality at them and the, to them, ridiculous notion that nobody has blue blood, in the morning putting on pants like everyone else, right leg first.

It is so with religion and with monarchy, people reducing themselves to the level of twelve year olds, crying at the sight of a wooden effigy of the Holy Virgin, or the silky appearance of a princess or king.

It is all a matter of maturity, grown up, respectful nations needing no Royalty, traditions like these  having out-served itself and its purpose long ago. As for religion… well you see what it does around the world, and he or she truly needing it likely having woefully little pride or self-esteem.

So have fun, watch that London wedding, but don’t ask me to join you in your teary bout of admiration and nostalgia, reserving mine for enormous or even small acts of uncalculated generosity.

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