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Especially in France these days, all too often the presumption of innocence means innocent, defended with a vigour disproportionate to that other presumption, the one that a victim is a victim, and telling the truth!


I’m not crazy about the military, most people joining it not to serve their country but to serve their family  income, a decent job in so many words, civil servants on the fly, but mainly put to work on the maintenance of a certain hegemony.

It also is puzzling why a gas-guzzling nation has so many strategic interests around the world. Do other nations send troops so the gas keeps flowing? So their people can make it by car to the mall, to Wall-Mart or IKEA? Is there any real danger that those selling natural gas or petrol will stop doing so, slashing their own income? Does the BENELUX have an army for protecting its economic interests in parts of Siberia?

As for patriotism, it is fine if under real existential threat, but is the rest not expensive, redundant bongo-bongo ‘diplomacy’ and economics. For what would really happen if the US for instance withdrew from half the nations it is engaged in, or would have done so since the very beginning, after WWII, before it became an automotive nation, before in commercial terms China meant anything as a competitor.

Of course, Russia was a real problem then but seems to be run by rather more sane people since a generation. And Israel has to be protected by long distance ‘might’, but also kept in its place, told it will never be destroyed, not really, and taught how to respect its neighbours, avoid being as rash as Mohawks demanding Manhattan be returned to them, with defensible borders. And what is a defensible border anyway in a modern conflict, given borderless technological, modern weaponry?

So the military? In general, in much reduced terms, yes! As an extension of world trade interests: those days are over! Free trade is a two-way or multi-way phenomenon and no longer worth spending billions on, just to manipulate and manicure playing fields. Yet all countries keep spending ridiculous amounts of money on keeping up with non-essentials, ‘buying’ millions of military jobs in the process, instead of producing other work. Nations close to the brink of bankruptcy these days, because at the first financial wobble losing tax revenues catching them with their pants down, quickly in the red, incapable of cutting payrolls.

I know, these are over-simplifications, to a degree, and billion-dollar interests fighting to keep things exactly the way they are, everywhere. But the truth is always much simpler than it is made out to be.

We do need uniformed boys and girls: I once saw
a small Canadian town go to pieces within days after its police force went on strike and nobody wanted to intervene, in order to respect the cops’ democratic
right to protest, giving the population a chance to express its demographic lunacy by attacking one and other’s businesses and property and running red lights
at high speed, killing their own swiftly and merrily with help of their stupid new ‘freedom’. Indeed, internationally there is some need for military presence give our thin veneer of civility, but the fact it is there at all often is good enough to have even the most callous citizens stop for common-sensical, figurative traffic lights.

So think glory but keep away Fleet Day in New York and Armed Forces Day in Malaga and wherever else. Keep the flags and waving children, keep the medals, and sashes, and ribbons, and salutes away for a while, until in real danger, not imagined danger and an expensive taste for pomp and circumstance, for some other day maybe, required as an actual tool to remain united and focused.

I mean, we need forensic pathologists and undertakers, too, don’t we? They’re essential in life, by maintaining hygiene, and alleviating grief, in general dealing with and protecting the living, but do we go out to celebrate them? Seeing them jump by the hundreds out of airplanes with national flags as parachutes, the throngs waving, the band playing?

I think not, and as a sign of national maturity would like the military everywhere to be thanked but ask they do their work discreetly, particularly as they’re  handsomely paid.

So let’s not forget, far fewer of you, soldiers! So fewer tears at future Memorial Days!

Gee, thanks!

For Everything!

Clazy Plick

Tell me it isn’t true: A Chinese friend of mine here in southern Spain wants to open a restaurant he threatens to call, the Wok of Gibraltar…

I Say…

The movie I saw was of fifties British vintage, the lead actor speaking with a voice exactly the way his hair was cut: evenly, neatly organised short phrases, slick, puffed up body, clipped consonants and sideways flowing vowels… Everything about him groomed, including his feelings, saying things but nothing coming out of his mouth. He wasn’t posh, he was pathetic, living only on the outside, it becoming difficult to understand why the female lead looked at him enthralled, also saying nothing and both cut out of a bad magazine, printed for the meek and socially retarded. It was clear they didn’t exist, but how is it that the world is full of them?


Naïve real estate and life insurance salesmen in a rut, get ‘hired’ and offered a ‘future’ by a ‘progressive’ and ‘dynamic’ ‘leader’ in the sector. In their desperation counting on their immediate circle to get them started by buying something from them and so managing to chalk up 2 or 3  ‘charity based’ sales, before getting a measly commission and sooner than later give up in disgust as that well runs dry and the other ‘leads’ they received turned out to be worthless or spoken for.

They didn’t know it but they were as much the ‘product’ of the ‘leader’, beside the lousy insurance or that two bedroom hole-in-the-wall.  Dozens and dozens of kids like these ‘hired’ under pretence while ‘generating’  a lot of quick (despair) sales, paid a pittance late and poorly.

It isn’t quite slavery, but it drips with insincerity, abuse and cold calculation. It banks on volume by defeat, swiftly creating space for the next heartbreak. The same with cosmetics, floor waxes, soaps and what have you…‘industries’.

Facebook is in that league.

It is air, a vapid fad, putting people ‘together’ who don’t really give a damn about each other, or would have been or kept in touch more naturally. ‘Wanna be my friend’ crap, already converted into a telemarketing and promotional trap, with ‘you’ sold on without knowing it, in the way that ordinary mailing lists were sold and sold to any shady or half legit operator not long ago: suddenly the unwitting deposits of a worldwide SPAM Bank.

Again, it ain’t slavery, exactly, but you are the product and should get the hell out.

Unless you enjoy being had, the wrong way….


If Polar Bears are white, why are Monkeys not green?


Celebrity is a Ponzi scheme, built on new suckers falling for the promise.

(Come to think of it the entire economy is a huge Ponzi scene: Maybe EVERYTHING is a Ponzi scheme!)


It can’t be transported or stored, not even deep frozen.

But still, Time should be quoted on the Exchange as a commodity.

Time goes up in value due to great demand, or sinks when societies go poorly.

Time enters us freely when we are born, leaving us just as arbitrarily when we go.

There is a lot of it, or none.

Some getting lots of it, or none.

It can be bought, but not owned or kept for long.

Time, good or bad, is a succession of events.

Needs have to be filled but without Time, automatically become meaningless.

So that Time is more than meat, wheat or silver.

It is flesh.

That most precious substance of all!


A Strauss in German is an ostrich, a Strauss Vogel, literally a sturdy bird.

Kahn, not the Urdu ones, is an adulteration of the Jewish family name Cohen, meaning Minder of the temple.

Dominique’s a sturdy bird alright, but with a penchant for frequenting the wrong temples.

I use the plural because our boy has a primitive streak in him taking these visits violently serious, everywhere he goes and never mind the decade he lives in.

His wife, poor in spirit, but rich, obstinate, misguided, as blind as the Strauss Vogel, saying her husband is innocent, thereby accusing a lower-class, but decent women of being a whore, yet a simple hotel worker who may well possess higher values than she does.

Funny how with all the brilliant thinking that a man’s capable of, he can still be reduced to this type of moral duality, this hunter’s urge, and how thin the veneer of culture, Western or otherwise, lies upon the skin.

But then entire nations have gone this way, brilliant producers of universally brilliant men, sinking almost overnight into rape, murder, torture as if nothing, and defending this beastliness airily with the so-called advent of yet another utopia. Countries producing Beethoven and Kant, Pushkin and Rachmaninoff, Cervantes and Miró , going off and over the cliff, places whose denizens suddenly turned out to be quite capable of pulling atrocities on neighbours, their wives, and their children, innocents with whom a month earlier they would pick-nick or play football.

Dr Strauss and Mr Kahn, or Cain and Abel , inside the same neckless, hulk?

Same thing.

Are You Syria?

I don’t think Assad could stop the murders if he wanted to. I think that man is a prisoner of his own factions, who see the conflict as existential to their class, troupe or tribe and will savagely deal with any threat from behind a façade of ‘respectability’.  Assad is powerless and condemned, murdered himself if he goes ‘modern’, hanged by the protestors should they manage to win, sentenced to life imprisonment should he get out alive.

So he trots along, head hanging, a myopic ophthalmologist who had the misfortune to be born the son of a mass murderer, remaining  the captive of the latter’s gang of assassins, despite the limousines, the applause, the State visits, the palaces, the fancy clothes.

On top of that he was born without a chin and sports a flat back cranium, none of these characteristics projecting strength or intelligence.

Yes, he too is a victim, a willing one for far too long, who will pay the price of believing the theatre he was living in.

Kadhaffi is a manipulating, soulless criminal madman, Assad’s just a plain, sorry, manipulated kid.

Some children get born with Palsy or Distrophy but we help them as best we can. This one has no hope, but hell.

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