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Out On A Limb

I forever remember this older guy attending a Marlene Dietrich performance, sighing

If wish my wife had only one of those legs!

Macbeth in Libya, Syria

Listening to Government spokesmen of various Arab nations on TV is a riot. A tragi comedy, for their sense of reasoning is zero. Aristotle was not an Arab, and it is easy to see why. Their absurd way of putting arguments together and daring to face the international press corps with their psychotic dabble is truly insane and indicative of the way their countries are still or have been run.

Congenital lying, total denial, criminal intolerance and self-justification are wrapped in an arcane language far removed from reality. But then again, with leaders running the show of what can only be called organized existence, not life, imposed for decades on end happening to be reality to the poor suckers living under them, what can one expect?

Poor suckers brought up in such a way that they also speak, think and delude themselves to the point of accepting that all is as it should be. And the miracle that there exists an Arab Spring at all, with the help of other ‘truths’ finally reaching the Arab masses through modern electronic media. These the true early cause behind the demise of Stalinism, and now Islamo-fascism in so many places where legitimate recent opponents are regularly described as rats, traitors, vermin, foreign mercenaries, invaders, neo-colonialists, thieves, aggressors, to be eradicated together with towns in which they live, containing hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders, but never as people with a different point of view.

Rather unconscionable Government Spokesmen then as mouthpieces of leaders having slipped into moral autism long, long ago, defended only by those relatively few doing well by them and in a language as incoherent and cruel as it is dumb.

Yet be patient, Macbeth, King Lear and Richard III were much the same leaders, and that was only 400 years ago.

But already speaking much, much better and ultimately making Scotland and England what these countries have become.


PS I wonder if there exists an Arabic word for Bullshit.



I told my kids that once they complete their education, they should go out and conquer the world.

And that by flattering cleverly, they’ll conquer.

That, in fact, flatulance is everything!!

The Strauss Kahn Dog

He’s named after his hero ànd no monetary slouch!

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