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Ah, Sweet Science

NASA confirms that the mean temperature of the earth hasn’t changed one iota.

That there are climate shifts however is indisputable: Snow storms in New Jersey, in October!?

Furthermore, the Canadian Government confirming that polar warming is a fact, with the habitat of the polar bear shrinking, encroached upon by human society, which causes a dramatic reduction in their number.

On the other hand it is difficult to get a hard-on at -40º, so that the Canadian official prediction is that the territorial issue affecting the polar bear’s normal natural breeding rate, will soon move up again. This because the rise in temperature will equally dramatically and proportionately, increase the number of ursine erections.

It’s indispensable for you to know and understand this.

2 Plus 2 Siempre Makes 5

In the event you wonder what is going on in Spain, a nation with a national unemployment rate of nearly 22%, 30% in the south where I live, please take note of the following hallucinating official incident.


A lady friend of ours opened her second restaurant, thinking she’d take up the Socialist Government on a much ballyhooed offer for small businesses to create more employment by making a tiny subsidy available, plus create a tax break once these hire 5 additional workers.


She did just this, filing her application, which after an 8 month wait was turned down, because she didn’t hire 5 workers, as stipulated, but, Tonta, 6 of them!


And she did offer to fire the last worker in order to improve the unemployment situation in her town, but a man probably named Kafka told her it was too late, and would have to apply again.


Now as a chappie of compassion, always first instinctively leaning left, I qualify this as stupid governance of a brand practiced only here and often called 30 Años de Nada,  by  those with a better grip on things.


For that’s how long this has been going on.  And things weren’t necessarily better in the past, but the world has moved on. And when one hears the leader of the PSOE, Spain’s Socialist Party, still today, during its most recent annual congress, red scarf around the neck, refer to the business community as ‘The Oppressor’, don’t you think it’s time to be laughed off the stage?


Shri Coins In The Fountain

Why do people always have to fight and kill each other?

Look at Shri Lanka. For years and years the Government and the Tamil Tigers at each other’s throat.

When there’s more than enough for not only two, but Shri of them!

Funeral Of A Dead Angle

My doppelgänger is made out of anti-matter and rides only antilopes. He drinks anti-freeze, and only eats anti-pastas. He’s a semi-conductor, leading the orchestra half of the time. I do it the rest of the year.

Altruistic? My Arse!

Wealth is a 2 way street. If people don’t have the wherewithal to buy your products, you may have all the money in the world but sooner or later you’re going to go broke, too. Add to this that you’re a hated authoritarian and that you have to worry about your own workers revolting and it begins to make sense to help your biggest and best clients out of their hole.

Don’t think the Chinese are generous by nature, they’re not. They’re hard-nosed exploiters who don’t give a damn about anyone. But they’re also smart enough to think beyond the next buck, hence their interest in ‘buying’ bad US and EU debt, so they can go on producing, selling, foraging.

That’s why I wouldn’t worry too much about the Dollar and the Euro: the biggest emerging mass economies, having no domestic markets but quickly getting the taste of the good life, dying to keep them afloat.

Tunis Or Not Tunis

They say the first free election was a great day for Tunisians.

But why for only two of them?

 It was a victory for all Nisians.

Don’t you agree?

A Perverse Glory!

Suicide By Cop the term used for those deliberately wanting to be mowed down.

Suicide By Counter-Revolutionary the one applying to our Libyan friend.

Thirty years ago Sadat of Egypt already calling his young Libyan counterpart mentally unstable and in need of treatment. Nobody knowing who put him there in 1969, but some even crazier, madder than a loon.

His sons equally toxic, delusional, cruel. The father could have been statesman-like, retiring sort of gracefully, manipulating his succession the way they all do. But no! The crazy bandit in him opting for fantasy heroism, the running, the dirt, the dust, the blood but also for increasing hopelessness.

Martyr for and of what? The gratitude of the hundred thousand or more he coldly executed over 42 years, lifting them from their beds in the middle of the night never to be seen again, their families, all people still now living on 2 Euros a day, the billions stashed? Not a coward, but begging some armed freedom kid for clemency, a Christian tenet, not generally a retributory, Islamic one, from a storm drain, under a highway, through the sands, finally coming down to the fact, eye to eye with the barrel of a gun for the very first time pointed… at him?

Many Arabs having this unhealthy relationship with death: he giving her away thousands of times, but also courting her in Sirte, winning her hand, this time keeping her all to himself.

Buddha Inc

Some people go to a fashionable oriental retreat to find themselves.

Others to free themselves of themselves.

Still others, relatively privileged, incapable of learning, going only to attract yet more attention.

The question no longer who went, but who came back!

Never Wrong! Right?

Human judgment is very kind to itself.

An idea totally ignored, was always ‘stupid’.

An idea pursued but a complete failure, was ‘interfered with’ or ‘before its time’.

An idea pursued and somewhat successful, immediately deemed a work of ‘genius’.


As for the woman who gave birth right after completing a marathon in Chicago, you should have watched the marathon nine months ago, during which she got pregnant!

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