KIrcher (II)

Twenty years is nothing, says one tango!


Yet only a few years couldn’t be worse.


The volatile, narcissistic Argentinian President of the multiple extra-marital love affairs, unconvincingly playing grieving, dramatic widow of the man who connived to have his alleged wife too easily succeed him, which happens in many free nations, except most, and a bit like Jacky becoming President of the USA, appointed the 34 year old unemployed, professional-student best-friend of her own son to become President of the State airline Aerolineas Argentinas, to the detriment of this company and her country, losing a mere 2 million $ a day.


The kid never worked, and is all of 34.


And a lady admired by a majority of her country men, the parliament applauding her every move circus-style, it’s what I meant by writing Argentinians are great, too bad they all seem like they’re 14 years old, that is, depressingly juvenile.


This type of carrying on, this juvenile, impulsive knee-jerk thinking only witnessed and approved in Africa and Kazakhstan. Full of Marxist Capitalists, or for that matter, Maoist jewellers.


Yet she, Hugo Chavez and other howler ‘leaders’, remaining forever petulant they get no Imperialist respect. But with theatre like this, who needs to go see Rodney Dangerfield ideology at work?


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