Fairy Tales

This paragraph is an excerpt from my essay Fairy Tales: A Narrow Escape!


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With this I mean let’s move away from sophisticated sentimentalism, injecting some pragmatism and realism. For when two of among millions of galaxies collide, events taking tens of millions of ‘our’ years to culminate, how can Jesuits, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and so many other gentlemen for instance, really, really believe this is all with them in mind? Deny that their extra-existential reveries and aspirations, their pursuit of certain dis-realities and dis-identities not mere, contrived survival tools, often awakening a taste for domination? Or is it all fear of ‘boire la mer’, man so overwhelmed by infinity and space that he has to set boundaries, shores, respite, by way of answers as buoys… thinking he’s drowning, before even setting out to exist for a bit? Believing, swimming in this case. Much like an airplane pilot connives an artificial horizon… so he won’t crash.

Download Anthony Steyning’s contemporary E-Novel: A Kiss by the Clowns


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