Crushing Sand

Somebody referred to the Arabs’ primeval urge to crush opponents at will. Or at least the persistent attempt to do so, affirming they still haven’t learned from the fact that since at least one century, this conclusively worked nowhere. Not to call it an outright stupidity it at the very least demonstrates an astonishing lack of imagination and of understanding of the human spirit, now nearly everywhere touched by modernity, abandoning age-old apathy with gusto.


Compromise still forms no part of the Arab playbook and the crude reactions to initially peaceful opposition called forth by the horrible ignorance of Saddam, Khadafy and Assad, stand as a fulminating example of this assessment.


Of course once an innocent opposition has been slaughtered in the streets, there is no returning and proven to represent political or even physical suicide to the very ‘leader’ primitively favouring such approach.


Can’t murder your way out of a problem! Not even with modern weapons!


The Soviets, the Cambodians, the North-Koreans tried it by atomizing the population, but all it brought them was poverty and deprivation until the corpse of a nation was dead and barely moving.


The Caliphates that aren’t will all end up the same way, give or take a decade.


Those still in anachronical death throws.


For crushing sand, only gets one more… sand!


Download Anthony Steyning’s astonishing E.Novel: A Kiss by the Clowns


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