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The Death Of Certainty

The problem with fervent believers is they emulate the wrong God.


Either this or they mistake His identity.


Ramadan is when more Muslims kill more Muslims, constantly, massively, in an organised way, from Pakistan to Iraq and from Syria to Libya, than anybody else. Yet demand from the rest of us… that we respect them.


As for the others, if there were a Messiah and he was to come back, he would probably be considered a deeply suspicious character, and get shot a thousand times over.


So that Allah and Jehovah better stay home, they’re better off where they are, and leave self-righteous punishment to mankind, being so very, very good at it.


Though the smart at least entertain some doubts, when the primitives remain forever certain of what they’re doing: killing usually the easy way forward.


But forward, exactly…. where to?


And once the gods finally turn their back on all men, does doubt not mean life at last?


The best of all deals, probably?


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In the end it is not the barking mad, chemically unbalanced mind.



In the end it is not the neurologically screwed up mind.



So It has little to do with pathological schizophrenia.



As was the case in Norway and now again in Denver, but also in Baghdad, Tripoli, Damascus, Munich, Tbilisi, Phnom Penh, Ferrol, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Rome and what have you it is the perfectly lucid, but warped narcissistic mind that knows no suffering, feeling no pain, only wishing to be known and feared, for better or for worse, but mainly seeking self-stroking infamy.


Pretty boys sick of themselves, looking glowingly into a camera and beating their well-costumed chest with extreme arrogance, when irony has it they actually have no human dignity at all, no self-worth, descending into the world of… animals.


Where they get destroyed!



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When Short is Tall!

There was the violent fictional fight between some carpenters building  a peace conference table, written by Duerrenmatt I believe.


And now there is the fictitious plumber of Christine Lagarde, with whom she might have had a short affair after he fixed her toilet in Paris, where it appears she fell for his crack.


A Spanish plumber it was, who travelled to Los Cabos in Mexico in June, to the International Monetary Fund meeting with the G20 leaders,  desperate about his country’s recent plight, hoping to hook up with her again, begging her to fix his Patria’s woes.


It didn’t work, yet history is full of small cogs determining large state decisions, by accident.


Charlie Chaplin showing us as much a century ago, convincing us that small men and women are our largest capital.


Even when they’re also wrong.


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Damascus Philantropy

There was a photograph of Mrs Assad taking her luxurious shoes off to whack a Badminton shuttle around during an event in support of the Syrian participants in the 2012 London Special Olympics.


I thought this was very touching, since her husband is in the business of killing Syrian civilians, in the process producing thousands of paraplegics.


Ah yes, those Arab Nanny States…..


Oh, and her hair looked beautiful!


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