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It is written that Napoleon, who fought some of his own battles, always wore a red sash over his uniform so the enemy would never see him wounded.


It is said that for the very same reason Hitler wore a brown shirt…



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Metamorphosis (II)

I think Angela Merkel going topless Ukrainian style in front of Vladimir Putin in order to protest gay rights abuses in Russia is a bit over the top, but it seems to have worked.


Putin had one look at her and now is as gay as a loon.


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Metamorphosis (I)

In certain photographs Vladimir Putin looks remarkably like Joan Rivers.


Same mask, same tragi-comedy.


Likeness in crudeness.


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I think this bird flu threat is wildly exaggerated. I never once heard a chicken sneeze or cough.


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Sliding Home!

We knew there was something unusual about our new neighbours, when at ten o’clock at night one of them knocked on our door with an empty coffee cup in his hand, asking if we could spare some vaseline.


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Two Cats To Go

If a cat has 9 lives

And I had 7 cats,

It may be said that I had 63 lives inside my own

With which to do whatever what.


None to impose, but a few to waste perhaps,

The hours of dolce-far-niente, of contemplation,

But also of frustration,

In which pain real and imagined, wouldn’t, couldn’t stop.


But here I am, 2 cats to go, and still discovering, hoping.

For more cats and for far fewer of us,

The doors of paradise

Slightly more open.


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I am  liberal, particularly when it comes to equality rights. And I don’t see why if a gay guy falls in love with a lesbian, they shouldn’t be allowed to marry.


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Winds of Fate

When I was younger I convinced my children that each time her dog barked represented a signal their grandmother had just farted.


Of course when we visited and sat in her garden, people would pass by and her dog would grunt sotto voce, then jump up and bark without fail.


Whereupon the kids would look at me in a conspiring sort of way and I rolled my eyes, nodding away.


Then they would look at a lady who to this day doesn’t understand why every time her dog barked they howled with laughter, run as far as they could.


Poor thing!


 It wasn’t anything that she ate.


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Bro, spare a Buck?

So I ran into this hooker on the corner of Hollywood & Vine, and asked her what her favorite TV program is.


Twat’s my Line! she said.


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Vision Thing

Hugo Chavez was a self-made victim. His exaggerated resentment of the U.S. not so much a sentiment as a tool that killed him by way of making the ideological choice not to get treated for his cancer in New York or in Houston, but in Havana.  


Even the Pope doesn’t go to Lourdes when he’s sick, but to the American Hospital in Rome.


It’s all right to believe, but not to be stupid.


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