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Look at the lion and his magnificent manes, his wives plain Janes and nothing to lose sleep over. Look at the male peacock and his fantastic crop, plumes and dancing feet, his lovers ugly as sin. Look at the buck and his enormous antlers, his amours only differentiated by the variety of white targets painted around their ass.  


Now look at humans and a different scenario. She doing all the action, forever dolled up, painted, rinsed, pedicured, manicured or worse. Seducing, wiggling, smiling, out to conquer mainly ugly ‘hims’ endowed with attitude and cash.


And then there’s me, no plumes, no manes, no antlers, no moolah.


Who am I going to get except if I’m lucky, a blind nymphomaniac who hopefully owns a liquor store?


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Horse Play

My friend Eddie the dwarf walks his pet giraffe down to the park where they play Frisbee and laugh their head off.

Pop The Question!

I’m Gladys Knight, she said.

So am I, he said, wanna go out and do somethin’?



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A Swan To Die For

Michael Fokine was one of Swan Lakes’ original choreographers for St Petersburg’s famous Mariinsky Ballet round the turn of the last century, Anna Pavlova dancing the part that he wrote for her on Tchaikovsky’s music.

He was some consummate dancer himself, Fokine Michael was!

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