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The US National Debt stands at 57.000 USD per citizen.
The Greek National Debt stands at 43.000 USD per citizen.
So what’s the big deal?
To who is this money owed?
Who is asking for it?
This stuff never gets paid back, it just melts under the sun.
When in need, just print more of it, create some inflation.
The only places without inflation, skid row and our cemeteries!

European Drama


Of all people, Greeks appear to be no Aristotelians



Of Moustaches

It was always a mystery to me where Hitler got all the money to arm himself to the teeth. At this point he hadn’t invaded anybody, or got cheap slave labour from the countries that he would later attack. The Weimar Republic was on its arse, inflation running at 100 000%, the entire outside world sunk into a deep depression, and the reason our boy got elected to Reich’s Chancellor in the first place: yes he was democratically elected by a desperate and defeated people.


Germany doesn’t have much in the way of natural resources, so where did he get the inital materials and loot to pull Germany out of its rut with public works and feverish arms production? How did he pay? Who gave him credit? You tell me!


But then I read this, as a follow up, written by P.G.Wodehouse, while in Berlin, where he had been kept in detention:


The situation in Germany had come up for discussion, and it was generally agreed that Hitler was standing at the crossroads and would soon be compelled to do something definite. His present policy, said a Whisky and Splash, was mere shilly-shallying. “He’ll have to let it grow or shave it off. He can’t go on sitting on the fence like this. Either a man has a moustache, or he has not. There can be no middle course.”


And then it hit me. I had stumbled upon a magnificent metaphor for his later foreign policy, somehow beefing up his armed forces with absolutely nothing for them do or to look forward to, plus sporting a horrendous debt: He had to do something or the whole damn thing would have collapsed like a Ponzi scheme. Refusing to ‘Shave them off’, he chose to attack. And attack. And attack.


And the rest is bloody history!


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When Short is Tall!

There was the violent fictional fight between some carpenters building  a peace conference table, written by Duerrenmatt I believe.


And now there is the fictitious plumber of Christine Lagarde, with whom she might have had a short affair after he fixed her toilet in Paris, where it appears she fell for his crack.


A Spanish plumber it was, who travelled to Los Cabos in Mexico in June, to the International Monetary Fund meeting with the G20 leaders,  desperate about his country’s recent plight, hoping to hook up with her again, begging her to fix his Patria’s woes.


It didn’t work, yet history is full of small cogs determining large state decisions, by accident.


Charlie Chaplin showing us as much a century ago, convincing us that small men and women are our largest capital.


Even when they’re also wrong.


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Money is a nomad, in recent years turned hermit, it seems!


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Kirchner (I)

Last week President Cristina Kirchner made it known in all seriousness that she is nationalising a key local branch of the Spanish REPSOL oil company, YPF, as Argentina’s pay back to Spain for the conquistadores having stolen all its gold and silver, centuries ago.


The problem with this incongruous, somewhat infantine excuse is that Mrs Fernandez de Kirchner descends from the very, subsequent settlers not also merely stealing gold and silver from local tribes, but massacring them, taking the whole bloody country as it were, by way of massive genocide.


 So to be morally consistent and to show theft is not in her blood, she should now also start Argentinian devolution to the few remaining native Toba and Mapuche Indians, today subsisting under cruel conditions.


Whereupon the Mohawks can re-take Manhattan, all Anglo-Saxons get thrown out of England and Astérix re-grabs his chunk of Roman Empire.


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HRH Cristina de Botox

Great country, Argentina!


Too bad everybody is 14 years old…


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Greek Caveat


Money Doesn’t Grow On Treaties


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Merkel Again!

My friend Eddie the Dwarf is furious about the ban Germany imposed on short-selling.


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Let’s assume for a moment that the so called ‘rich’ have a little bit more talent and are harder working than others, and so are better off. Because, like it or not, these folks are the creators, the risk-takers, their enviable position part of the pay-off. To blame them for all our woes, taking it all away, however is self-defeating and even wholly against human nature, with which even a half-smart worker, dreaming him or herself of doing better one day, can only agree.

Yet this is what simplistic union rhetoric insinuates: let the ‘rich’ pay, and leave us alone, NOT US, NOT US!, when in times of crisis there’s a difficult role to play for all. Certainly, things are not perfect and the chain bursting-of-the-bubble combined with governments spending like crazy on the basis of ‘projection’ rather than of last year’s income, have put a halt to much economic production, companies downsizing, factories closing, exports sagging etc.

Again, when this happens, the causes multiple, the solutions have to be equally multiple, everyone pitching in. And if one solution, particularly under Europe’s welfare systems, is to liberate markets from forbidding employment guarantees so that, ironically, more people will get hired by employers less afraid of getting stuck with unsustainable payments and guarantees to what even may be unproductive workers, than this should be urgently contemplated. For the more people work, more demand and revenues grow and in general to have better less work and pay, than for far too many people to have no work and no pay at all!

It is obscene therefore for trade unions and in particular unions of public workers, who shouldn’t even have the right to strike, to call for massive disruption or even a General Strike paralysing a country even more, protesting temporary loss or at least reduction of certain privileges.

However, in order to strike one must have a job, and these loud sindicalistas do have a job, when there are millions of workers who have absolutely nothing, their benefits long run out, about whom they simply don’t seem to give a damn.

And here I thought a working man’s solidarity meant something.

My wife putting it differently, ‘This is no more than stupid selfishness’, she says!

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