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The US National Debt stands at 57.000 USD per citizen.
The Greek National Debt stands at 43.000 USD per citizen.
So what’s the big deal?
To who is this money owed?
Who is asking for it?
This stuff never gets paid back, it just melts under the sun.
When in need, just print more of it, create some inflation.
The only places without inflation, skid row and our cemeteries!

High Provincialism vs the Universal


Breakfast-prayer Conservatives are against Universal Healthcare, because

they are feral individualists incapable of accommodation, with personal rights

to the Gospel.


They say Social Care leads to godless Socialism, so that understandably God forbids it

and they must fight it..


Talk about circular, pocket book caressing reasoning, that is if one can call it reasoning.





The President of the Tea Party, Mr Earl Grey, arrived in Boston last night. He was welcomed with crumpets, but heckled by strumpets.


Such is the life of the championing.


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Merkel Again!

My friend Eddie the Dwarf is furious about the ban Germany imposed on short-selling.


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American Logic

According to several networks the main concern of Republican voters in Alabama and in Mississippi during last Tuesday’s GOP primary election, is the US economy.


Unemployment there well above the already bad national average.


So then this is why a majority voted for Santorum?


Well, if things don’t turn out the way they had hoped, next time they could always vote for Donald Duck!





Pump Cast!

Ever the shit disturber and one formula by which its rulers prolong their hold on power, Iran should at least think of the following:

US gas prices depend on lots of things, like volume of supply, OPEC Kartel agreements, Taxation, the level of the Dollar as crude oil is quoted in this currency, Middle East political uncertainty and the activities of speculators thriving on crisis real or fabricated.

American Presidents can individually do very little to quickly influence the price of gas, but stupidly are always held responsible for its level per gallon at the pump by the general electorate, no matter what.

Iran cannot look forward to a Republican US President doubly beholden to Israel, faring slightly better by its own nefarious standards, it would agree, with a Democratic one.

In a US election year one would think Iran would at least keep quiet, removing the threat of a Straits of Hornuz blockade as one of the factors driving up the price of crude, so that Obama would get at better crack at re-election resulting in less flak from the US and the West in general, than under a conservative Republican.

But it doesn’t look like as if it has looked this far given the trumped up hatred it dishes up every day, including lying straight faced about its nuclear ambitions to make it an untouchable shit disturber and domestic oppressor, faked crazy North Korean style.

Unless this summer Iran will do everything it can to lower the price of oil flowing to the West, for a little while, till November 4th, 2012, say…

Seeing Red!

It looks ominously as if in West the middle class is shrinking, that some 30% of families will be excluded from society instead of the usual hard-luck or dysfunctional 10%. People finding out to their dismay they’ve become as disposable as soiled diapers, thrown away through no fault of their own.

And some wages shameful in their level in the face of general suffering, however few of these persist. But who are equally indecent are the millions going on protest strikes, particularly in Europe, when, needless to say, they have jobs!

Unwilling to give in inch, doing with a little less so the jobless and the homeless also get a chance to bring home some bacon! Unions, syndicates not giving a damn about anyone else, bereft of any sense of solidarity with ‘outsider’ workers, having the balls to want to cushion their own existence at the expense of a small redistribution, already protected to a very large degree by working for the city or the feds.

How come they’re not hitting the streets drawing attention to the suffering of others?

How come they’re burning fruit stores and parked ambulances?

This is not Socialism, this is tasteless Opportunism of the most grievous kind, particularly when services vital to the rest of the community are hit.

OK, save your money, adjust those budgets, forget that starving guy, tomorrow morning I’m going to burn down a school, now do I get a raise?

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Let’s assume for a moment that the so called ‘rich’ have a little bit more talent and are harder working than others, and so are better off. Because, like it or not, these folks are the creators, the risk-takers, their enviable position part of the pay-off. To blame them for all our woes, taking it all away, however is self-defeating and even wholly against human nature, with which even a half-smart worker, dreaming him or herself of doing better one day, can only agree.

Yet this is what simplistic union rhetoric insinuates: let the ‘rich’ pay, and leave us alone, NOT US, NOT US!, when in times of crisis there’s a difficult role to play for all. Certainly, things are not perfect and the chain bursting-of-the-bubble combined with governments spending like crazy on the basis of ‘projection’ rather than of last year’s income, have put a halt to much economic production, companies downsizing, factories closing, exports sagging etc.

Again, when this happens, the causes multiple, the solutions have to be equally multiple, everyone pitching in. And if one solution, particularly under Europe’s welfare systems, is to liberate markets from forbidding employment guarantees so that, ironically, more people will get hired by employers less afraid of getting stuck with unsustainable payments and guarantees to what even may be unproductive workers, than this should be urgently contemplated. For the more people work, more demand and revenues grow and in general to have better less work and pay, than for far too many people to have no work and no pay at all!

It is obscene therefore for trade unions and in particular unions of public workers, who shouldn’t even have the right to strike, to call for massive disruption or even a General Strike paralysing a country even more, protesting temporary loss or at least reduction of certain privileges.

However, in order to strike one must have a job, and these loud sindicalistas do have a job, when there are millions of workers who have absolutely nothing, their benefits long run out, about whom they simply don’t seem to give a damn.

And here I thought a working man’s solidarity meant something.

My wife putting it differently, ‘This is no more than stupid selfishness’, she says!

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Pot Ain’t All Bad!

The crime wave in Mexico related to soft and hard drug prohibition in the States is unprecedented.


The good ole USA spends billions fighting drug related crime in its own streets.


Legalizing soft drugs would alleviate some of these and multiple social problems, to judge by lengthy experiments in Holland, Portugal and in other nations.


America should experiment similarly State by State, beginning by making a huge problem smaller.


In these States, as it represents not only a crime but a public health problem, the public should participate in the decision making.


Call it a reefer-endum!


Besides serious scientists now want sugar to be declared toxic. So don’t ban marijuana, ban Coca Cola, sugar water that is far more dangerous to public health, beefing up people to the point of death, tilting the earth with their weight.


Anthony Steyning’s new novel A Kiss By The Clowns is now available as an EBook on and for $2.99. It is a passionate story  about life in a world of shining Oldsmobiles and bold-look ties when Marilyn Monroe was still kicking…



My son is a marketing wizard. He’s thought out a campaign for a store around the corner from us, that has fallen on hard times. Its owner is paying him big money for composing ads, printing flyers, doing radio spots, and creating a new website around an additional mail-order vehicle.


Their mark-up is modest, but the owners hope to make up in volume. They think they want to go national, but are trying it out locally for the New Year sales first. Franchises will become available.


There’s nothing like first testing a concept and you’ll agree little can go wrong here. The lead-in slogan is



You can place your advance order through me, there’s a cut off moment!


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