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God Save America

Me and my fellow murderers, psychopaths, hate mongers,

deranged fantasists and obscene attention seekers able to count

on self-fulfilling media coverage, wish to thank the NRA for their

unwavering support, allowing us to live our dreams and defend

ourselves against despicable monsters like fellow students, toddlers,

Catholics, Jews, Blacks, Latinos, or in general people with an accent,

or people who are brighter, work harder, have more success, and all

those others whose face we cannot stand.


Because the NRA understands that the gun is our brain, just like it is theirs,

especially the semi-automatic one. And that no regulation will stop us, for as

long as we can just borrow one, except when the oppressor cleverly bans

not the gun, but the bullet. In which case I guarantee you bullet trafficking will

outdo drug trafficking within months.


With the NRA’s unconditional support we have averaged the elimination of

30.000 enemies a year, over the past decade. But with help and devotion

there is no reason we cannot vastly improve on this number.


So God bless the morally corrupt and certifiably insane, because we have

what it takes.


Testimonial signed and agreed on between


Anthony Steyning & pals

High Provincialism vs the Universal


Breakfast-prayer Conservatives are against Universal Healthcare, because

they are feral individualists incapable of accommodation, with personal rights

to the Gospel.


They say Social Care leads to godless Socialism, so that understandably God forbids it

and they must fight it..


Talk about circular, pocket book caressing reasoning, that is if one can call it reasoning.





I am  liberal, particularly when it comes to equality rights. And I don’t see why if a gay guy falls in love with a lesbian, they shouldn’t be allowed to marry.


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Quito Press Release

Ecuador offers Lance Armstrong Asylum at its London Embassy


President Correa said his country wants to protect the cyclist’s inalienable right to screw the US and International Establishment.


“Covering up screwing with a phony cause is what I do myself here every day!” declared the Bolivarian philosopher king to the Ecuadorian free press he closed down long ago.


“Isn’t it a wonderful world!?” the sleaze Julian Assange sighed, after reading the news in an official email.


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Dinner at Seven

– Where are you going with that bomb, boy?


– Somebody insulted my dream!


– Are you going to kill them?


– Punish them severely, at least!


– What time will you be home?


– Around six, God willing!


– OK, we’ll eat at seven! Be careful!


– OK, Mom!


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Crushing Sand

Somebody referred to the Arabs’ primeval urge to crush opponents at will. Or at least the persistent attempt to do so, affirming they still haven’t learned from the fact that since at least one century, this conclusively worked nowhere. Not to call it an outright stupidity it at the very least demonstrates an astonishing lack of imagination and of understanding of the human spirit, now nearly everywhere touched by modernity, abandoning age-old apathy with gusto.


Compromise still forms no part of the Arab playbook and the crude reactions to initially peaceful opposition called forth by the horrible ignorance of Saddam, Khadafy and Assad, stand as a fulminating example of this assessment.


Of course once an innocent opposition has been slaughtered in the streets, there is no returning and proven to represent political or even physical suicide to the very ‘leader’ primitively favouring such approach.


Can’t murder your way out of a problem! Not even with modern weapons!


The Soviets, the Cambodians, the North-Koreans tried it by atomizing the population, but all it brought them was poverty and deprivation until the corpse of a nation was dead and barely moving.


The Caliphates that aren’t will all end up the same way, give or take a decade.


Those still in anachronical death throws.


For crushing sand, only gets one more… sand!


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Town Life

In the small town where I live, a 34 year old exhibitionist who had masturbated in front of a ladies volleyball team was arrested for indecency, later having been recognised in the street!


His mother probably giving him hell, saying: ‘You fool! I told you to be careful!.


‘But Mom, an exhibitionist can’t be careful! There’s no such thing as a careful exhibitionist! I mean, what’s the point!?’, him forcibly answering.


But perhaps the better career tip would have been: Don’t be an exhibitionist in a very small town!


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Norway (II)

Poof goes the attacker.


Having forfeited all his rights to life by turning his back on human consideration, here’s what the Norwegian Judiciary should consider:


Clear the island of Utoya, surround it, and let Breivik loose on it. First by way of punishment he’ll have to prowl for his own food, like a big cat, for several months. Then send in the hunters, who’ll quietly chase him down, shooting him whenever they get a glimpse of him. A terror game by which it may finally be driven home to him what he did to those innocent youngsters, an evil hunter hunted.


Arrogance is a form of stupidity, combined with a degree of total moral insanity it is a lethal cocktail.


‘Conviction’ served this way creates terrifying hands and concept killing.


Conceptual and installation art is not art because it is not artful, devoid of artisan craft, love and aesthetic.


Conceptual killing is the worst kind of killing, because it is dispassionate, not for gain except the total moral colonisation of other members of society.


There’s only one way to overcome it, maintaining life and freedom.




So please don’t confuse signals, because the premise I’ve been trying to make is that the creature looking so much like a human being… simply isn’t one!


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Norway (I)

Insanity literally means: unhealthiness.


If some condition’s being unhealthy doesn’t apply to you, at least be aware it may cause horrendous pain to others.


Ignoring the pain of others is insensitive and anti-social.


Ignorance applied deliberately, is criminal.


Aberrant conviction leading to the casual murder of others is more than unhealthy, it is an expression of insanity.


Insanity either is a mainly incurable mental illness, or the corrupt denial of God-given intelligence i.e. one’s very humanity.


Insanity sufferers have to be humanely locked away, at the expense of the rest of society, not put into robes and uniforms, let alone allowed to stand on ceremonial balconies.


For he who forsakes his human intelligence lowers himself back into the animal kingdom, where he gets destroyed.


A panther indiscriminately striking in the night will do so again and again. It is not criminal, it is unintelligent and unfed. If it attacks us though, no one is blamed for shooting it.


For there is no panther heaven. There is no panther hell. There are only dead panthers, at one point. 


Mayan’s tearing living hearts out, Sunnis bombing Shi’ites, men pushing hundreds of their like out of high flying military airplanes, camp-guards turning on the ovens, soldiers bayonetting crying children to death, narcotics dealers beheading their way ahead, Norwegians gunning down teenagers as a ‘concept’, are inhuman and exponentially insane.


The quickest way then to see that a man is animal, inhuman, sickly, criminal, is by taking note that to him nothing is repugnant! No act repulsive enough!


The key words! Words to remember, words to avoid! Words animals don’t know!


Still, the banality of evil will have it these humanoids always take their coffee with two lumps, not three.


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Death To Collectivity!

Nations where crowds rise and kill innocents on demand are ignorant and cruel, its masses capacitated by the narrowest of ideas promulgated by the smallest of minds.


Before a nation or a people can be successfully independent, individual independence must have taken place. The ability to form one’s own opinion and assessment, which used to start with freedom of the press but  in the perennial absence or control of same has now been superseded by satellites beaming objective fact, so becoming a brand new source of moral intelligence.


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