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Brain Disease

Kim Kardashian's Unbelievable Butt Explained: Just Oil and Great ...


It’s a modern affliction. When the cerebellum protrudes from the asshole and thinks of itself as beautiful. Identical to shamelessness, apparently there’s no cure but others walking away from it.

High Provincialism vs the Universal


Breakfast-prayer Conservatives are against Universal Healthcare, because

they are feral individualists incapable of accommodation, with personal rights

to the Gospel.


They say Social Care leads to godless Socialism, so that understandably God forbids it

and they must fight it..


Talk about circular, pocket book caressing reasoning, that is if one can call it reasoning.





I think this bird flu threat is wildly exaggerated. I never once heard a chicken sneeze or cough.


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Vision Thing

Hugo Chavez was a self-made victim. His exaggerated resentment of the U.S. not so much a sentiment as a tool that killed him by way of making the ideological choice not to get treated for his cancer in New York or in Houston, but in Havana.  


Even the Pope doesn’t go to Lourdes when he’s sick, but to the American Hospital in Rome.


It’s all right to believe, but not to be stupid.


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Norway (I)

Insanity literally means: unhealthiness.


If some condition’s being unhealthy doesn’t apply to you, at least be aware it may cause horrendous pain to others.


Ignoring the pain of others is insensitive and anti-social.


Ignorance applied deliberately, is criminal.


Aberrant conviction leading to the casual murder of others is more than unhealthy, it is an expression of insanity.


Insanity either is a mainly incurable mental illness, or the corrupt denial of God-given intelligence i.e. one’s very humanity.


Insanity sufferers have to be humanely locked away, at the expense of the rest of society, not put into robes and uniforms, let alone allowed to stand on ceremonial balconies.


For he who forsakes his human intelligence lowers himself back into the animal kingdom, where he gets destroyed.


A panther indiscriminately striking in the night will do so again and again. It is not criminal, it is unintelligent and unfed. If it attacks us though, no one is blamed for shooting it.


For there is no panther heaven. There is no panther hell. There are only dead panthers, at one point. 


Mayan’s tearing living hearts out, Sunnis bombing Shi’ites, men pushing hundreds of their like out of high flying military airplanes, camp-guards turning on the ovens, soldiers bayonetting crying children to death, narcotics dealers beheading their way ahead, Norwegians gunning down teenagers as a ‘concept’, are inhuman and exponentially insane.


The quickest way then to see that a man is animal, inhuman, sickly, criminal, is by taking note that to him nothing is repugnant! No act repulsive enough!


The key words! Words to remember, words to avoid! Words animals don’t know!


Still, the banality of evil will have it these humanoids always take their coffee with two lumps, not three.


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Forgive Me?

When poor bastards who while on earth found themselves deformed, often belittled, ridiculed, ostracised, in constant pain and despair, through no fault of their own trapped in a weak body or in possession of a damaged mind… when these victims of being arrive in heaven, does God, I wonder, apologise?


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Round Up The Bastards!







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Pot Ain’t All Bad!

The crime wave in Mexico related to soft and hard drug prohibition in the States is unprecedented.


The good ole USA spends billions fighting drug related crime in its own streets.


Legalizing soft drugs would alleviate some of these and multiple social problems, to judge by lengthy experiments in Holland, Portugal and in other nations.


America should experiment similarly State by State, beginning by making a huge problem smaller.


In these States, as it represents not only a crime but a public health problem, the public should participate in the decision making.


Call it a reefer-endum!


Besides serious scientists now want sugar to be declared toxic. So don’t ban marijuana, ban Coca Cola, sugar water that is far more dangerous to public health, beefing up people to the point of death, tilting the earth with their weight.


Anthony Steyning’s new novel A Kiss By The Clowns is now available as an EBook on and for $2.99. It is a passionate story  about life in a world of shining Oldsmobiles and bold-look ties when Marilyn Monroe was still kicking…


Hugo, Baby!

Chance had it Fidel destroyed many, many more lives than he built, giving him another one each time he got mired in his own dreck.

Chance can be disgusting in this way, and last time round was no different. For chance sent Fidel Hugo Chavez and one more time all the suffering Cubans got screwed just when it looked like they were seeing light at the end of their terrible tunnel.

For Hugo bailed out Cuba just as it finally seemed to collapse under the weight of its stupid dictatorship: Hugo equally ambitious, but feeling threatened,  a populist hungry for enduring power and full of admiration of the way Fidel had stood up to the USA and its hard-nailed democracy for 50 years, be it at a price every Cuban child dearly paid for.

So irony number one: Hugo saves the life of the Castros, but the Castros can’t save Hugo. (Naturally, because they’ve never saved anyone but themselves.) It is when Hugo gets sick with bowel or prostate cancer, an enemy he hadn’t counted on, and goes for treatment to his Cuban friends who have a ‘great’ medical reputation and own thousands of doctors to keep people alive but won’t allow citizen to work on their own or conduct any sort of business as this  may be too subversive, with the exeption of pervasive prostitution of course. People consequently playing the bongos: Free medical care and free education, and playing the bongos: to some paradise and for Hugo a great formula to emanate, importing Cuban doctors to lay it on the Venezuelan people, so they won’t agitate.

But cancer treatment in Cuba has it limitations, equipment running with all the sophistication of those 1952 Chevrolets, Havana’s streets are filled with.

The logical thing would be to go where rich and powerful politicians the world over go after they get diagnosed with some terrible disease. Which is where the capitalist free medical market thrives at its most successful level: at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, New York, the Mayo Clinic or what have you. That is to say in the good ole USA, but an imperialist place he can’t go to!

So irony number two: Hugo’s dying and it’s his own irrational and dishonest doctrine that’s killing him, shutting all the doors this big mouth already loudly bolted himself. And now the poor, ridiculous bastard may go to Brazil for treatment, another socialist trending paradise, be it a more realistic and even-handed one. Still it won’t save him and he knows it. After that, back to Cuba, where else, for the last blow!

The jockeying in Caracas has started. I give it two years, max.

Maybe this time Chance will give Venezuela some decent, pragmatic, enlightened leader.

Nobody caring if he’s Native Indian or Martian.

As long as he’s smart, wise, and firm but tolerant.


My friend Dave lost his hearing in an accident. After years he was finally able to get an ear drum transplant.

The problem is, his surgeon messing up. Mistakingly placing the incus between the wrong cheeks…. !!

He now gets blasted every time he breaks wind…KAAAABOOOOMMMM.

And also faints a lot.

Haven’t heard from him in a long time, but he has!

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