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Lose Badly And Ye Shall Win!


The Palestinians complain that unless they attack, nothing happens for years,

nobody paying attention to them, and a sort of condescending and highly patronising,

Israeli occupying de facto colonialism sets in, for maybe 50 years or more.



And they are right. This seems to suit among others the Likud party, just fine.



So the Palestinians will attack and attack, even though they haven’t a hope in hell to

defeat an Israel screaming bloody murder, and never failing to grossly over-react.

To wit, 2000 Gaza civilian deaths and total obliteration of its structures over what

started as the idiotic, cruel murder of 3 of its teenagers by rogue Palestinian nationalists.

The added rockets also seem to do little, except to help Israel cry wolf.


All of which is provoking worldwide condemnation of Israel, and may lead to painful

 isolation, and, believe it or not ultimately drive it towards a meaningful, not cosmetic,

peace effort leading to a free Palestinian State.


So don’t expect today’s fires to dwindle any time soon. And let’s see who the really smart ones are.

The Death Of Certainty

The problem with fervent believers is they emulate the wrong God.


Either this or they mistake His identity.


Ramadan is when more Muslims kill more Muslims, constantly, massively, in an organised way, from Pakistan to Iraq and from Syria to Libya, than anybody else. Yet demand from the rest of us… that we respect them.


As for the others, if there were a Messiah and he was to come back, he would probably be considered a deeply suspicious character, and get shot a thousand times over.


So that Allah and Jehovah better stay home, they’re better off where they are, and leave self-righteous punishment to mankind, being so very, very good at it.


Though the smart at least entertain some doubts, when the primitives remain forever certain of what they’re doing: killing usually the easy way forward.


But forward, exactly…. where to?


And once the gods finally turn their back on all men, does doubt not mean life at last?


The best of all deals, probably?


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Crushing Sand

Somebody referred to the Arabs’ primeval urge to crush opponents at will. Or at least the persistent attempt to do so, affirming they still haven’t learned from the fact that since at least one century, this conclusively worked nowhere. Not to call it an outright stupidity it at the very least demonstrates an astonishing lack of imagination and of understanding of the human spirit, now nearly everywhere touched by modernity, abandoning age-old apathy with gusto.


Compromise still forms no part of the Arab playbook and the crude reactions to initially peaceful opposition called forth by the horrible ignorance of Saddam, Khadafy and Assad, stand as a fulminating example of this assessment.


Of course once an innocent opposition has been slaughtered in the streets, there is no returning and proven to represent political or even physical suicide to the very ‘leader’ primitively favouring such approach.


Can’t murder your way out of a problem! Not even with modern weapons!


The Soviets, the Cambodians, the North-Koreans tried it by atomizing the population, but all it brought them was poverty and deprivation until the corpse of a nation was dead and barely moving.


The Caliphates that aren’t will all end up the same way, give or take a decade.


Those still in anachronical death throws.


For crushing sand, only gets one more… sand!


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The Multiple Asshole

Socrates, Gone! Zapatero, Gone! Berlusconi, Gone! Papandreou, Gone! Mubarak, Gone! Khadaffi, Gone! Ben Ali, Gone!

Still missing Bouteflikka, Assad, Netanyahu, those Gaza backwards with as only hesitant proponents of some sort of reason, Sarkozy, Erdogan and HRH MVI, in other words nearly full circle!

The entire mediterranean sphincter having its contractions, but like a purifying financial and dictatorial gastroenteritis, now in need of vasoline, soft wine and gentle understanding.

Palestine III

I fear the only way out now is to change the players, getting rid of this generation, starting with new minds possessing an overview.

Yes, I do believe both sides do want peace, peace to their own ends that is.

The problem with Israel is its political system, coughing up unsavoury leaders like Netanyahu. A lot of us knew the isolation Israel was in for, when they foolishly re-elected him, given his record a decade ago. The second one that even a reactionary like him with a vision of what he wants, having absolutely none about how to get it or as close to it as the world permits, and also unable to control his religious zealots, even narrower of mind and violence inclined. All of which foreboded all this counter-productive intransigence.

Ironically the ones on the Jewish side who did eventually see the light both were military men, Sharon and Barak, realists if anything, not quasi messianic opportunists. Their problem not lack of understanding, but having to deal with primitive Palestinian stupidity. Of the old Arab propensity for cruel, corrupt authoritarianism, bordering on unenlightened tyranny, as practiced in all Arab nations until recently. The one practiced by Fatah to the point that Hamas could take over, replicating that way of governing as quickly as their calculated soup kitchens, doctrinaire schools and clinics had finished seducing the unsophisticated masses, taking over Gaza, and just as soon again launching naked aggression towards those who had freed them at last, calling theirs a  ‘victory’, and aching to bomb on in order to gain more. Poor Sharon, poor Barak, Olmert and all  those having risked their all.

This was bad luck, for what a world would we all live in today if those Muslim master-strategians instead had stored their nasty complexes and long-term ambitions and taken the immediate peaceful steps to make Gaza a trading, touristic show piece, a Palestinian gem on the Levant, cruise ships coming in, the desert irrigated, producing melons instead of rockets and tunnels and death. Perhaps, yes, even with a little help from Israel.

For despite Israel’s lousy current leadership if Gaza is anything to go by, what would those lovely Hamas thinkers do if Israel returned large parts of the West Bank!? Practically handing over the keys to Tel Aviv?

So this is the other generational problem: Palestinians also have a vision, but again none about gaining it, except by ways of bombs. And Abbas another leader who is not in control of his nasties, until they go. He seems to agree to Israel’s existential legitimacy, but what of those behind him, where does his authority stand?

So that you can’t blame Israel insisting no deal is possible until its security is guaranteed, except that the way it presently goes about this business, needlessly alienating Turkey, Jordan and Egypt, puts in danger even the security it thinks it now has.

Abbas has pleaded for the beginning of a real Palestinian State, which is reasonable, but his problem is not so much Israel as Hamas, and an internal nightmare making ordinary Palestinians needlessly suffer decade after decade… at their own hands. Of course there will be a Palestinian State, as soon as it teaches its young wisdom, pragmatism, respect and vision, seduce instead of destroying everything, including the little bit they have. And Israel  its powerful minorities less parchment, and more… generosity!

War & Peace

An Al Arabiya commentator I spotted on the BBC had a curious take on the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, slated for later this week in Washington, under US auspices.

He was somber about the enterprise, saying neither parties have credible leaders and/or desire te make peace. And that as far as he was concerned the US always calls for a peace conference before it strikes. That he didn’t know whether it was Gaza (again) or Iran that was on the menu, but that every war in the region and in the past had been preceeded buy a peace conference.

Heady stuff, and I haven’t the means to check out the voracity of his theory.

Is he a cynic, paranoid, a genius, or all of these?

In human terms it is not unheard of to appear to seek a compromise with an adversary, making sure it fails, accusing the other party of bad faith, then pound the crap out of him, which is what was the intent all along, but now provides a ‘moral’ justification.

It also is a fact that when leaders are dead-set against an issue, they clamor loudly that they’re for it, but that the way it is sent up for approval is not good enough. Never good enough. Stonewalling it, so that it never gets accepted, and what they really wanted all along.

So what is it this time? Posturing nada más? Or a prelude to worse things to come?

It seems that Iran is the missing piece in regional order and the key to security in Irak, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon, and sometimes one has to go in deeper before one can get out.

But can the US afford another adventure? And will Israel ever come up with a Government that really knows how to deal with its existence by investing billions in its neighbours, instead of nurturing the crazies blosseming under its intransigence, spending the billions it gets, on its God-given… self.

One thing is for sure, on all sides nothing here has ever been ‘good enough’, agreements made to fail, providing mileage for self-reward and bad governments the means to hold on to power.

Israel (2)

This is what I wrote on March 31st:

The problem is that by spending centuries among brutes, one becomes brutal. The brutal Russian mafia in Brighton Beach, New York, are in fact mainly Jewish. The influx of Russian Jews in Israel, I’m told, has introduced a coarseness to society that wasn’t nearly as pronounced. To form a government taking into account severe divisions of attitude between many, many quarters is bound to lead to unholy alliances under electoral laws, regularly producing coalitions of half a dozen parties. In real life the former Russian Jew having nothing in common with a Sephardic Jew, just like a Swedish Catholic is only nominally similar to the Spanish one. So that a so-called Jewish Nation is in fact a fiction after 2000 years of Diaspora, and as a consequence a Jewish State at this stage still not ‘natural’, despite the lore, despite the legend.

Is it a wonder then that it produces such miserable leaders? To choose this career in such a political wilderness takes a special kind of street fighter, not a pragmatic, patrician thinker, a savvy Statesman. A bit of a thug in other words, with little class, some education perhaps and a deep voice, but really not the brightest, Israel’s finest minds remaining on the sidelines. The public time and again finding out what misery it brought upon itself through the ballot box: after it’s too late of course. Vote too narrow, and you condemn a country.

Democracy does require a modicum of cohesion, or at least a certain homogeneity of vision, of method, of respect. Whereas the mentality and background of such an incompatibly intra-ethnic composition cannot be changed at this point, it would behoove Israel to try and arrive at two new political stations. One, to change to a two party system, the other to a two tier run-off election system whereby a person may ‘correct’ his vote two weeks on.

Maybe this way Israel will survive by example, instead of by brawn based on dead-end, protected arrogance, shaking the likes of cads like Liebefrau and Netangugle.

Of course Palestine’s ‘leadership’ is even more pathetic, perhaps that’s also why….

Now this is what comes out of Israel today, by way of Le Point and their Jerusalem correspondent:

Les Israéliens ont peur. Peur d’être dirigés par des incompétents. Même le moins informé des citoyens de l’État juif savait depuis des semaines qu’une obscure organisation islamiste turque préparait une provocation tellement grossière qu’il était impossible qu’Israël en fasse les frais. C’est pourtant ce qui s’est passé dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi, au large de Gaza. Haaretz , le principal quotidien de gauche du pays, n’hésite pas mardi à qualifier les sept principaux ministres du gouvernement israélien de “débiles”. Maariv , journal centriste, considère que le gouvernement est “composé dans sa majorité de ministres minables et inutiles”.

And I translate :

The Israelis are scared, scared of being led by incompetents. Even the least informed citizens here knew several weeks ago that an obscure, Islamist Turkish group was preparing a provocation so blatant that it would be impossible for Israel to fall for it. But this is exactly what happened during the night of Sunday going on Monday, off the Gaza coast. Haaretz, the country’s main liberal daily, on Tuesday not hesitating to qualify the seven principal Israeli State Ministers involved as ‘retarded’. Maariv, journal of the center, stating that the Government is composed of Ministers who can only be described as ’useless and insignificant’.

Their words, not mine. And horrible, knee-jerk leadership, on a par with that of Spain and Greece these days.

Commandos here shooting, yes, indeed, savvy protesters, with automatic rifles. Reportedly killing first nineteen but finally nine of them, because these were heavily armed with Swiss army knives and sticks, and threatening…

Israel 9 – ‘Invaders’ 0.

Let me tell you something, if you were outscoring the enemy 9-0, you weren’t threatened.

This is dumber than dumb politics. If the current Israeli Government thinks for a moment it protects its own security with this action it is dreadully blind to reality, royally missing the boat…. in a contrary sense. And publicly menacing to repeat its action, the obstinacy of people who a long time ago… ran out of ideas.

Both Hamas and Likud in need of brains and their nations needing a system producing tough but wise and compassionate leaders, instead of duds. Jewish or Palestinian Mandelas.

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