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True intelligence creates awareness


– The first notion it produces is recognising the self


– The second notion, to ask the self a question


-This question: Why?


-The third notion, finding the answer


— The one immediately implied identifying purpose


– Man living on purpose as much as on a morsel of bread, a gulp of breath


– The difference that he can make the former up, compromising his true intelligence, and a greater tragedy than death.


– Off with Saviours and amulets.


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Norway (I)

Insanity literally means: unhealthiness.


If some condition’s being unhealthy doesn’t apply to you, at least be aware it may cause horrendous pain to others.


Ignoring the pain of others is insensitive and anti-social.


Ignorance applied deliberately, is criminal.


Aberrant conviction leading to the casual murder of others is more than unhealthy, it is an expression of insanity.


Insanity either is a mainly incurable mental illness, or the corrupt denial of God-given intelligence i.e. one’s very humanity.


Insanity sufferers have to be humanely locked away, at the expense of the rest of society, not put into robes and uniforms, let alone allowed to stand on ceremonial balconies.


For he who forsakes his human intelligence lowers himself back into the animal kingdom, where he gets destroyed.


A panther indiscriminately striking in the night will do so again and again. It is not criminal, it is unintelligent and unfed. If it attacks us though, no one is blamed for shooting it.


For there is no panther heaven. There is no panther hell. There are only dead panthers, at one point. 


Mayan’s tearing living hearts out, Sunnis bombing Shi’ites, men pushing hundreds of their like out of high flying military airplanes, camp-guards turning on the ovens, soldiers bayonetting crying children to death, narcotics dealers beheading their way ahead, Norwegians gunning down teenagers as a ‘concept’, are inhuman and exponentially insane.


The quickest way then to see that a man is animal, inhuman, sickly, criminal, is by taking note that to him nothing is repugnant! No act repulsive enough!


The key words! Words to remember, words to avoid! Words animals don’t know!


Still, the banality of evil will have it these humanoids always take their coffee with two lumps, not three.


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Names Fall Mainly On The Plain, In Spain, In Spain

Quiet Sunday, Victory of the Angels, Joe Careers, Kings of the Moon, Lucy’s Frank, The Island’s Shellfish, Joe Louis Shoemaker, July Churches…


Placido Domingo, Victoria de los Ángeles, José Carreras, Reyes de Luna, Paco de Lucia, Camerón de la Isla, José Luis Zapatero, Julio Iglesias…


Unreal and I don’t know of many languages in which famous names, in translation, become so… surreal. Some claiming Gaudí even making it permanently into the English language for the wrong reason, as the adjective gaudy isn’t very complimentary, garish, tacky, to be precise. The modernist Catalan architect was certainly colourful with his use of curved structures covered with ceramics, stained glass, wrought irons, carpentry and trenadís, broken pottery pieces, all of it cemented into a building’s hide. But not gaudy, not tacky in the least, all of his work creating a landscape reminiscent of some magical fairytale even though the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia remains a monument fervently attached to this Catholic land, not some dreamy, faraway kingdom where Shrek lives.


Of course Barcelona has inspired more than only Gaudí as Picasso spent his formative artistic years here, having entered the world in Málaga to the south, subsequently reaching for the sky in France, not unlike Dalí, and even Miró, growing up a stone’s throw away on his Catalán-speaking Balearic Isles. All except Tàpies, whose works are beguiling and loaded with abstract symbolism, but who couldn’t and can’t handle colour, everything always mainly brown.


So that specifically Catalonia and in general Spain produce not only colourful names, but also profound colours, shapes and sounds.


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Interminable Echos

Umberto Eco’s a bit of a kaleidoscopic nerd, overwhelming us with obscure facts and theories, but somehow forgetting to write a book. Editors seem afraid to edit, critics don’t want to be seen as ignorant. He’s got both academia and publishing by the balls, but won’t tell how he sculpted it all into a rolling stone.


The Name of the Rose was a non-novel, followed by a non-film with a non-actor, but hey, they were a wild success.


There’s no archaic semantic symbol I don’t know, he told me the other day.


Oh, don’t be such a semiot, I said!!!


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