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God Save America

Me and my fellow murderers, psychopaths, hate mongers,

deranged fantasists and obscene attention seekers able to count

on self-fulfilling media coverage, wish to thank the NRA for their

unwavering support, allowing us to live our dreams and defend

ourselves against despicable monsters like fellow students, toddlers,

Catholics, Jews, Blacks, Latinos, or in general people with an accent,

or people who are brighter, work harder, have more success, and all

those others whose face we cannot stand.


Because the NRA understands that the gun is our brain, just like it is theirs,

especially the semi-automatic one. And that no regulation will stop us, for as

long as we can just borrow one, except when the oppressor cleverly bans

not the gun, but the bullet. In which case I guarantee you bullet trafficking will

outdo drug trafficking within months.


With the NRA’s unconditional support we have averaged the elimination of

30.000 enemies a year, over the past decade. But with help and devotion

there is no reason we cannot vastly improve on this number.


So God bless the morally corrupt and certifiably insane, because we have

what it takes.


Testimonial signed and agreed on between


Anthony Steyning & pals

High Provincialism vs the Universal


Breakfast-prayer Conservatives are against Universal Healthcare, because

they are feral individualists incapable of accommodation, with personal rights

to the Gospel.


They say Social Care leads to godless Socialism, so that understandably God forbids it

and they must fight it..


Talk about circular, pocket book caressing reasoning, that is if one can call it reasoning.




The Sorry Story Of Territory and Domination


Apes cannot shoot down airplanes and have no names like Vladimir or Bashar, but are just as primitive, plus sulking, brooding, vindictive and finally… inferiority-complexed, attacking not out of immediate hunger but ultimately out of petty, irrational fear.




Flying low

The saddest of all ironies is that we can teach a 12th century primitive to pilot a Boeing 787, but not for him not to execute his sister after she walks home alone.




Does it not occur to those Taliban who ordered the assassination of a 14 year old girl for having insulted Islam, that the greatest insult to Islam… is them!?




Look at the lion and his magnificent manes, his wives plain Janes and nothing to lose sleep over. Look at the male peacock and his fantastic crop, plumes and dancing feet, his lovers ugly as sin. Look at the buck and his enormous antlers, his amours only differentiated by the variety of white targets painted around their ass.  


Now look at humans and a different scenario. She doing all the action, forever dolled up, painted, rinsed, pedicured, manicured or worse. Seducing, wiggling, smiling, out to conquer mainly ugly ‘hims’ endowed with attitude and cash.


And then there’s me, no plumes, no manes, no antlers, no moolah.


Who am I going to get except if I’m lucky, a blind nymphomaniac who hopefully owns a liquor store?


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Metamorphosis (II)

I think Angela Merkel going topless Ukrainian style in front of Vladimir Putin in order to protest gay rights abuses in Russia is a bit over the top, but it seems to have worked.


Putin had one look at her and now is as gay as a loon.


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I am  liberal, particularly when it comes to equality rights. And I don’t see why if a gay guy falls in love with a lesbian, they shouldn’t be allowed to marry.


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True intelligence creates awareness


– The first notion it produces is recognising the self


– The second notion, to ask the self a question


-This question: Why?


-The third notion, finding the answer


— The one immediately implied identifying purpose


– Man living on purpose as much as on a morsel of bread, a gulp of breath


– The difference that he can make the former up, compromising his true intelligence, and a greater tragedy than death.


– Off with Saviours and amulets.


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The Calvinist Newspaper carrying this headline got bombed, Lutherans rioting and attacking anything remotely Calvinist all over Europe.


” THEY INSULTED LUTHER ” a Lutheran with blood all over his hands shouted defiantly, on his way to the American Embassy.


” THIS IS GOOD NEWS!” the Pope exhorted.


Personally I pray God buggers off.


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