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1 Iguazu


2 Iquitos


3 Ichituat


4 Ipanema





One of these names is not a geographical reference!




Which one is it?




1     2     3     4






My son has designed an app for dogs with a Google map flagging parks and hydrants in town.


Horses please abstain!


The Dread of Reign

Watching this polished circus on TV this morning, I don’t know who the folks at St Paul’s Cathedral are singing to, but it isn’t God.  He may best be found out in the open. I think what’s been sung to here is order and station. Man singing his own praises, the pyramid of him, this small, old gal residing in the penthouse, both holding off and protecting a pack of pious but ambitious actors, below.


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When strangers become overly inquisitive, I always tell them I’m a cilantropist.


-Oh, really? Through which endowment?


– The Coreander Foundation, I tell them modestly


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Some Brit wrote that arriving at José Marti airport in Havana, forced to share a sixty year old taxi to one’s hotel, what’s immediately obvious is the odour of pussy and petrol.


This is a very genteel way of putting it, but not my impression.


It’s more like cunt, rum and coconuts!


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It is widely reported, except in Spain of course, that King Juan Carlos shot right up the skirt of wild Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, back at the lodge, while hunting in Botswana. How he fell off her and hurt his hip is a mystery, as short heights should not be an obstacle for one so high born.


And what about those earlier pictures of him, kneeling between two buffalos that he killed?


And now this dead Elephant, Majesty of the Savannah, hurt or in panic trying to climb a tree after getting shot by another Majesty, a human one, with un-royal habits!


But apart from being big, what kind of a shot is Juan Carlos?


Shooting elephants and buffalos… Isn’t that like bagging parked cars?


Better stick it to savage Corinna, but think of the nation: easy, easy… Sire!


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Hard Talk!

The town of Beaune in France lies halfway between Paris and Geneva and is the Burgundy wine capital of the world.


My sister Molly trekked through there recently and found the locals to be very friendly, in fact, she says, she loves Beauners.



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Winding Roads!

After Morocco gained its independence in 1956, first from France and a month later from Spain, with the exception of the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, King Mohammed V also cut down the long, long permissive party Tangiers had been, just like Castro cleaned up Havana after he came to miserably rule Cuba, a few years later.

It always surprised me what moral prudes crooks and executioners are, Murder ? No Problem! Sex? Get Out Of here!  Anyway, no more night clubs, no more opium, no more prostitutes and alcohol, no more cute little Arab boys for rich Western homosexuals like Orton, Bowles, Capote, Tennessee Williams and Cocteau.

For when Bowles kicked some sand with his big toe at the outskirts of Tangiers, wiring his parents that he had moved the Sahara, he omitted to mention he also moved other ‘things’, with a different digit of his and that the Sphinx at Giza across that desert, held nothing over local sphincters as long as one kept the sand away from the Vaseline.

The years these golden Sodomites felt tempted to move back to the European continent, to a pretty fishing village across the strait called Marbella. Eventually turning it into a world-class hangout for the ridiculously bored and the over-sexed, a place stricter, because still under Franco, with fewer intrigues or left over Nazis, but also much safer and where Jean Cocteau, the French playwright/ cineaste and eternal Nobel Hopeful opened up a tea room right next to Prince Hohenlohe’s new Marbella Club beach hotel, called the Golden Camel, a hangout for the rich empty-headed as well as for his gifted, gay pals.

So you see, if you write, don’t open a tea room: You’ll never make it to Stockholm.


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Names Fall Mainly On The Plain, In Spain, In Spain

Quiet Sunday, Victory of the Angels, Joe Careers, Kings of the Moon, Lucy’s Frank, The Island’s Shellfish, Joe Louis Shoemaker, July Churches…


Placido Domingo, Victoria de los Ángeles, José Carreras, Reyes de Luna, Paco de Lucia, Camerón de la Isla, José Luis Zapatero, Julio Iglesias…


Unreal and I don’t know of many languages in which famous names, in translation, become so… surreal. Some claiming Gaudí even making it permanently into the English language for the wrong reason, as the adjective gaudy isn’t very complimentary, garish, tacky, to be precise. The modernist Catalan architect was certainly colourful with his use of curved structures covered with ceramics, stained glass, wrought irons, carpentry and trenadís, broken pottery pieces, all of it cemented into a building’s hide. But not gaudy, not tacky in the least, all of his work creating a landscape reminiscent of some magical fairytale even though the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia remains a monument fervently attached to this Catholic land, not some dreamy, faraway kingdom where Shrek lives.


Of course Barcelona has inspired more than only Gaudí as Picasso spent his formative artistic years here, having entered the world in Málaga to the south, subsequently reaching for the sky in France, not unlike Dalí, and even Miró, growing up a stone’s throw away on his Catalán-speaking Balearic Isles. All except Tàpies, whose works are beguiling and loaded with abstract symbolism, but who couldn’t and can’t handle colour, everything always mainly brown.


So that specifically Catalonia and in general Spain produce not only colourful names, but also profound colours, shapes and sounds.


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Death’s Error

Frank Sinatra sang That’s Why The Lady Is A Tramp!

And we could sing a thousand times of Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Il, That’s Why The Leader Is A Preposterous Fraud.

But the real man was Vaclav Havel, and I quote him from a speech he gave in support of political prisoners everywhere:

Ladies and gentleman,

allow me to start with a short recollection. Many years ago, when I was behind bars, I needed to see a dentist. There was no dentist in the prison and when the prison authorities realised that I was serious, I was escorted to a civil dentist by a guard.

I was in handcuffs and prison stripes and stared straight ahead of me as I sat between two guards. I was very curious to watch how the other patients around reacted to my presence. Almost none of them displayed any interest, surprise or curiosity. Most of them acted as if they did not see me.

Why am I talking about this? I don’t think we can go to Cuba and lie sunning on the beach, having a good time and enjoying a drink, without noticing what is going on around us. In that country there are informers who are expected – as it was here in the 1950s – to inform on ten other people: building trustees, street committees, families in which husbands where afraid to talk in front of their wives or wives afraid to talk in front of their husbands. It is a country where fear reigns, where political prisoners are locked up for long terms just because they have spoken freely.
And it is us in particular, who have experienced a totalitarian system, who should be conscious of this, be aware and have a special sensitivity towards it. Bad things are happening in Cuba and any of us who go there should remember them, and should not pretend that we do not know in which country we are.
Thank you very much!
Like those tyrants we know, Death will take anyone as long as it stays on top. But while it has appetite, it has no taste.
This week going for Kim but forgetting Fidel, taking Vaclav by mistake!
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