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Bon Appétit!


When read in Spanish the name of the Mamas & the Papas singing group, and why it was such a hit in Latin America, is the Tits & Potatoes.




Or Areolas & Chips.



A whole new concept in hash browns!




Last Supper



So this cannibal opened a fresh skull, and asked his girlfriend:



” D’you wand a piece of mind?”



” The dick’s on me!” she said.



Hanging Out

So Harry Hammerhead stood behind his underwater bar serving a Great White a Salty Mary, complaining ‘ O shit! Here comes Larry the Dolphin, always stepping out saying he’s got to get some fresh air, but never coming back down to pay!’

‘Don’t serve him!’ Whitey said.

‘ I can’t. I need the turn-over for my license!’ Harry  said, drying a glass.

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Shark Club

So Joe, the big white shark, hopped on a bar stool while Harry Hammerhead, the owner, shook a very flat cocktail for a Manta Ray.

– What will it be, Joe, Harry asked?

– This stool is wet!

– What will it be, Joe, Harry repeated?

– I don’t know! Your drinks are always so damned salty!

– You’re a pain in the ass, Joe! Go have a walrus!

-Yeah, yeah, Joe said, for he wasn’t a bad fish.

Read Anthony Steyning’s E-Novel: A Kiss by the Clowns

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