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This is not about Putin but how Russians seem to massively support this complex-ridden little guy, and shows how far they’ve come: not very far, not yet!

I have met and observed a good number of Russian individuals and I still have to find one who’s truly free, smiling, generous, leaning back relaxed, self-confident. Everything about him tending to be defensive, neck sunk well into shoulders accompanied by some docile wife, respectful only of confrontation, expecting it, and when it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming, dishing it out himself: a big, sulking child.

For it is the only way he knows how to express himself, lacking any level of personal sophistication and growth. And therefore both continually suspicious and deeply unsure with the primitive way forward to block, aggress, and intimidate in the way that the State did to him for a millennium, all the while trying to suppress that irrational, contemporary fear in him.

Slavs still truly slaves to their past and their moral evolution still a century behind the free world despite the latter’s one-out-of-twenty dreadful anomaly of German Nazism, and despite their more recent, relative political and material progress.

For nobody has it in for them, they’re not under threat; they’ve been welcomed everywhere except there where they themselves abused for decades on end, with all the savagery available to them: those small, fearful nations begging to be protected by NATO, not the case of the USA ‘aggressing’ and ‘encircling’ a Russia typically paranoid.

I mean, we all understand an oppressive ruling entity constantly invoking the outside threat, as it helps keeping it in power. But this is not the 18th century, people ignorant, ensnared and scared. This is the 21st Century, millions of Russians travelling all over, having Internet access, foreign TV, above everything able to compare. Why on earth would they believe this crap? Are they this ignorant, still? And as a consequence Russian ‘diplomacy’ still gun-boat, tank and bomber oriented, mainly for domestic ‘pride’!?

Hence also my dictum that Nations and people continually needing to project supposed strength and superiority, in fact suffer from an adolescent sense of inferiority and dangerous not for what is in their hands, but for what is in their head.

And that before a Nation or a people can be truly free, individual independence must have taken place.

Which is not the case with the average Russian I know, still hanging on to Madre Patria ‘s embrace and suffering from a type of nostalgia reflecting the constant necessity for heroes far larger than himself.

In addition a Nation’s revolution or first break with the past, however significant, generally gets followed by and is subjected to a much shorter period of retrograde action before settling into a more permanent mode of free existence, the one step forward and two backwards syndrome, as seen with the time-scaled disappearance of old style dictatorships in places like Chili, Mexico, Tunisia, and now, still in the middle of it, Putin’s Russia.

And there’s nothing we can do, except try and contain the damage and hope the Russian people themselves will come around and display their personal independence and self-confidence.

The only question: which generation will step up to the plate believing in itself, rather than in some little guy, the Military and the Kremlin and the brooding yarns they spin? Filling their huge, insatiable pockets in the process!






Soldier’s Ire

In Africa, civil or otherwise, war is defined as the sad situation whereby people who don’t know each other at all, will kill each other on behalf of those who know each other well!


And can you imagine a cruel, crazy French president giving orders to bomb large parts of Paris to destroy the ‘enemy’, simply because he is no longer tolerated? Too insane to contemplate, isn’t it? Yet that is what is happening in Damascus and Aleppo, because pilots in Syria don’t think twice before stepping into their cockpits and bomb their own brothers, sisters and their lovely kids to death. Then fly back to pick up a medal or two, have tea and eat their falafel before picking up their own child from kindergarten, with a smile.


“Daddy’s back, little Ahmed! Did you have fun today?”


It is a known dictum that pilots, like soldiers, are paid not to think. It was so in Japan and in Germany not long ago. It still is so in Syria, where primitives bomb their own with glee it seems and upon demand. But no longer in Ukraine where his personal guards abandoned a morally corrupt president, and the army and police made it known they would ignore his demands if asked to slaughter innocents to keep him on top.


So then let there be this warning to hungry autocrats and blinkered generals: think twice and abandon force as a political tool, be inclusive whatever the conflict is and deal with it effectively and peacefully, for in ever larger parts of the world the days of the non-thinking soldier is over, one who no longer shoots when you say so, whether you like it or not and indirectly, by not shooting becoming the real ruler of the realm.  



So Mrs Christie, if I’m not indiscreet, who goes on top?

Oh, that’s a weighty question. In all honesty I would have to admit… Hillary!

Hillary on top? Really…

Of course, that’s if Chris gets the nomination…

Coming from behind?

He’s done this all his life…

So he never pulled ahead?

I always bent over forward for him. Which helped…

How did Chris and Hillary meet?

During a debate!

One that didn’t take long…

I watched it, I knew the ending…

But did Hillary? Ending up on the short one again?

Not yet, but I could see it coming…

And you didn’t mind?

I stand behind my man, through thick and through thin…

But mainly thick?

They say, behind every successful man stands an incredulous woman. Not me!

Well, Mrs Christie, we hope for your sake, that he pulls it off.

I’d be on top…

Of the world?

Damn right! After years of carrying this load!


Non-Rectal Measurements

Pollsters swear by the following formula having to do with any ‘enquête’, any tracking of any trend establishing or identifying sets of opinion or conditions making it urgent for society to look at.

And this is a legitimate form of consensus measuring, they claim, because their methods are accurate 19 out of 20 times to within 3% of the ultimate truth.

Not bad as formulae go, I believe that they are correct. I also believe that the one time they’re caught completely off-guard and wrong represents an unconnected fluke, which can have terrible consequences. Like the time Hitler, Hamas and Chavez were democratically elected with a minority based on irrational, one-off prevailing sentiment most came to deeply regret. Yes, despite how deliriously happy people were at one point, it still was an unpredictable aberration and bad luck to have fallen for maniacal murderers or buffoons.

So that 1 in 20 flukes are there, and flukes can cast a long, long shadow, making citizens and the world go in deeper before things get better. Because in the end and by definition flukes do dissipate, even in Iran and in Zimbabwe, and generally speaking 19 out of 20 not bad odds: all within 3% of ultimate historical reality.

I sign for life with odds like these, just damned careful to avoid the one, that stupid, that disastrous hecatom.

(May 2006)

Democratic Manifesto

In most countries where I’ve lived the Political Right tends to be less sharp but strong on work ethic. The Political Left on first impression smarter, but sadly far more prone to intellectual dishonesty.

Still, this is what I wrote some time ago:

Right is the hand of action, therefore it dominates. Yet can the Right do anything without the guiding Left hand, let alone chopping it off or tying it up? Of course not! On the contrary, the acting hand has to care for and defer to the guiding hand in order to avoid disaster. Some bodies may be Left-handed and very successful, but this is not the rule and in this case it must assiduously court and consult the Right hand, particularly as many tools and much machinery are designed for the other arm. What is certain is that a one-handed body is severely handicapped, its owner quickly morose and impoverished, and instead of an unattractive suitor more likely becoming a spiteful executioner. But the best of all scenarios the regular switching of hands: magnificent ambidexterity the real road to achievement, relieving needless suffering and representing man’s ultimate maturity!

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