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Letter To My Son


Hi Kek,


Hey it’s your damn birthday soon again, will you slow down please,

you’re going much too fast to my taste?!

Anyway, son, you’re a terrific human being and I hope you’ll have a long

and happy life on this earth.

Unlike me, always in doubt, like when people ask me about my four footer

and I have to figure out if they’re referring to my dog, the putt I made on

hole 14, or my dick.


Love yah,





My dog Bernie has the arse of a cat

He’s very self-conscious about it,

avoiding even his pals

Who poke fun at him,

calling him a faggot

or worse.


He doesn’t get sniffed up much,

always sitting down when he can

No, he’s not tired,

just scared they’ll laugh

And I would too,

but I’m

a horse.


My friend Eddie the Dwarf takes long, long walks, only because he owns a very long dog.

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