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Monty Python Redux


Whereupon these Taliban, Al Qaeda and Isis fun guys were having a party

and spontaneously sang and whistled:



Things will turn out for the best

Always look on the bright side of…. death






Yes, always look on the bright side of…. death








And their audience just died!


High Provincialism vs the Universal


Breakfast-prayer Conservatives are against Universal Healthcare, because

they are feral individualists incapable of accommodation, with personal rights

to the Gospel.


They say Social Care leads to godless Socialism, so that understandably God forbids it

and they must fight it..


Talk about circular, pocket book caressing reasoning, that is if one can call it reasoning.





All right! spake Nietzsche. I believe in God on the condition that He’ll dance for me! To which Diaghilev added Yes, Do astonish me… and Béjart said… Amen!


Real theologians wishing to live up to that name should study deities and divine rites world-wide, much like a specialized anthropologist, say somebody like Levi-Strauss. The minute someone goes to book as a Christian Theologian he’s something else, he’s sold, he suffers badly from monotheism, he’s what in political terms is called an ideologue, an enforcer of the faith. In philosophical terms, anyone renouncing half of his also ‘God-given’ intelligence to a carefully constructed artificial truth the core of which he considers to be unquestionable, can’t be taken seriously.

Is Groupie of God not a better job description? Personally, I root for the Red Sox.


The Hari Krishna gang came by the other day, beating their drums, their tambourines and singing their mantras or incantations in their orange robes on the pavements of the city. But I noticed earlier that when the temperature drops below zero, they disappear pretty swiftly. I also seem to recall the Virgin Mary has never made an appearance in Alaska, only near the balmy Mediterranean. Hence my theory that religious fervor and revelation depends on the temperature. That it is allergic to cold or else much like those UFOs, never sighted in the Congo, always near areas of certain sophistication where there’s more nourishment for imagination. Wouldn’t it give food for thought though, if, miraculously, the Virgin were sighted in Mecca? Or Mohammed’s mother in Spitsbergen? And what if those two venerable ladies would then get together and have a cup of tea?

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