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Blatant Russian Logic


The defence of the young man who had killed both his parents argued

that he had become a poor orphan and so did not need to be punished,

but protected and consoled.


Mr Putin in defence of Mr Assad, who killed a quarter of a million men,

women and children and made refugees out of ten times as many, argues

that the only one who can stop the killing is poor Mr Assad, who does not

need to be punished but instead is in need of urgent assistance and care.



This is not about Putin but how Russians seem to massively support this complex-ridden little guy, and shows how far they’ve come: not very far, not yet!

I have met and observed a good number of Russian individuals and I still have to find one who’s truly free, smiling, generous, leaning back relaxed, self-confident. Everything about him tending to be defensive, neck sunk well into shoulders accompanied by some docile wife, respectful only of confrontation, expecting it, and when it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming, dishing it out himself: a big, sulking child.

For it is the only way he knows how to express himself, lacking any level of personal sophistication and growth. And therefore both continually suspicious and deeply unsure with the primitive way forward to block, aggress, and intimidate in the way that the State did to him for a millennium, all the while trying to suppress that irrational, contemporary fear in him.

Slavs still truly slaves to their past and their moral evolution still a century behind the free world despite the latter’s one-out-of-twenty dreadful anomaly of German Nazism, and despite their more recent, relative political and material progress.

For nobody has it in for them, they’re not under threat; they’ve been welcomed everywhere except there where they themselves abused for decades on end, with all the savagery available to them: those small, fearful nations begging to be protected by NATO, not the case of the USA ‘aggressing’ and ‘encircling’ a Russia typically paranoid.

I mean, we all understand an oppressive ruling entity constantly invoking the outside threat, as it helps keeping it in power. But this is not the 18th century, people ignorant, ensnared and scared. This is the 21st Century, millions of Russians travelling all over, having Internet access, foreign TV, above everything able to compare. Why on earth would they believe this crap? Are they this ignorant, still? And as a consequence Russian ‘diplomacy’ still gun-boat, tank and bomber oriented, mainly for domestic ‘pride’!?

Hence also my dictum that Nations and people continually needing to project supposed strength and superiority, in fact suffer from an adolescent sense of inferiority and dangerous not for what is in their hands, but for what is in their head.

And that before a Nation or a people can be truly free, individual independence must have taken place.

Which is not the case with the average Russian I know, still hanging on to Madre Patria ‘s embrace and suffering from a type of nostalgia reflecting the constant necessity for heroes far larger than himself.

In addition a Nation’s revolution or first break with the past, however significant, generally gets followed by and is subjected to a much shorter period of retrograde action before settling into a more permanent mode of free existence, the one step forward and two backwards syndrome, as seen with the time-scaled disappearance of old style dictatorships in places like Chili, Mexico, Tunisia, and now, still in the middle of it, Putin’s Russia.

And there’s nothing we can do, except try and contain the damage and hope the Russian people themselves will come around and display their personal independence and self-confidence.

The only question: which generation will step up to the plate believing in itself, rather than in some little guy, the Military and the Kremlin and the brooding yarns they spin? Filling their huge, insatiable pockets in the process!






Lose Badly And Ye Shall Win!


The Palestinians complain that unless they attack, nothing happens for years,

nobody paying attention to them, and a sort of condescending and highly patronising,

Israeli occupying de facto colonialism sets in, for maybe 50 years or more.



And they are right. This seems to suit among others the Likud party, just fine.



So the Palestinians will attack and attack, even though they haven’t a hope in hell to

defeat an Israel screaming bloody murder, and never failing to grossly over-react.

To wit, 2000 Gaza civilian deaths and total obliteration of its structures over what

started as the idiotic, cruel murder of 3 of its teenagers by rogue Palestinian nationalists.

The added rockets also seem to do little, except to help Israel cry wolf.


All of which is provoking worldwide condemnation of Israel, and may lead to painful

 isolation, and, believe it or not ultimately drive it towards a meaningful, not cosmetic,

peace effort leading to a free Palestinian State.


So don’t expect today’s fires to dwindle any time soon. And let’s see who the really smart ones are.

The Sorry Story Of Territory and Domination


Apes cannot shoot down airplanes and have no names like Vladimir or Bashar, but are just as primitive, plus sulking, brooding, vindictive and finally… inferiority-complexed, attacking not out of immediate hunger but ultimately out of petty, irrational fear.




Nuclear Follies

Vladimir Putin is at it again, and turns out to be a very old-fashioned and obsessive young man.  Still going on about the threat of the US and the imbalance created by its missile shield, even with Russia itself under it, and apparently insisting to upgrade, not reduce, its own nuclear arsenal and matching IBMs.

I’ve said it here before, this is not really about Russian security, even though some of its nostalgic military and political heads like to think so. This is about prominence. Rival China is shooting past a Slavic State in grave decline peddling and manipulating its natural resources, but not its people. Unable to manufacture anything but nineteenth century Vanderbilts, not a single useful consumer product in the international market place.

And of course Russia is capable of so much more, but it has an attitude problem in a more sophisticated and  competitive surround environment. A marvellous place unfortunately unforgiving to unproductive, still socially brutalized lay-abouts. Domestic freedom and transparency the motivation and stimulus its people aching for, not guns. 

Mr Putin should be looking South, not West. Russia’s threat is neither America, nor the EU of course. Russia’s future problems not even with Islam as such, but with trigger-happy, ambitious, crazy Islamist clerics, carelessly considering them ‘partners’ today.  

Russia  should join the US and Europe and find pride and enjoyment in its people’s potential achievements, not in artificial big power positioning that have always caused it more misery than happiness and a declining, morally defeated citizenry.

There isn’t anybody here not wishing Russia well, but it could begin by educating its leaders properly.


International Relations really amounts to geo-regime psychology. The anticipation, the evaluation, the ramification, the conclusions of it all. On another level the farthest I ever got with the opposing forces in my life was by slowly detecting, uncovering and massaging their inner child. In certain instances I would not be immune to this sort of subtle colonisation myself, but I’m astonished to observe the prevailing immaturity at the highest personal and national levels in the world.

The conduct of the pouting, would-be Iranian bully with the self-righteous messianic bent, the agressive/terrified behaviour of the severely complexed North Korean government, the callous indifference of Zimbabwe’s thieving cliques, the obscure incompetence of Myanmar cruel chiefs, the buffoonish/stupid new Venezuelan approach, all if it reduceable to the personal development of its leaders, backed by intimidating, dimwitted street goons, particularly where the military is complicit but potentially having an agenda its own, and thus never quite trusted. All having in common that total lack of judgment and fearsome pettiness, if they can picking on women or innocent hikers, naturally branding all outsiders ‘spies’ and dissidents, traitors.

But what to do with an evil, afflicted yet sturdy child? Burn its house, smoke it out? Perhaps, but only once flattery, however distasteful, has failed. The toys it gets, putting to sleep its imaginary fears, the kid still worried but exhausted, near played to death, other kids fed up but watching, watching, some escaping, some walking away, disgusted, exasperated, some measuring the tricks, the pros, the cons, considering tantrums all their own.

But the live thread that in some places everyone’s vastly under-educated, unable to grasp the bottom line, and in need of special therapy and education. So how about not overthrowing, but kidnapping them! Stripping them, putting them through a sanity course and then parachuting them back in as our counter-indoctrinators. You know, something called the spreading of what’s good in the universe.

Obama’s Certain Smile

How would you like it if in your eyes someone gave the shop away, apologized for trying to liberate people, cozied up to suffocating socialism, decided to lend credence to murderers and pathological liars or believed authoritative Islam is not, by subterfuge or otherwise and cleverly disguised as human, out to destroy free secular society?

Well, don’t forget International Relations are nothing but geo-regime psychology and perhaps Barack Obama is not caving in at all, but several strides ahead of everyone. Of course he could be a naïve Utopian and a born conciliator even when facing forces that are mainly tragically irreconcilable. But give the man the benefit of some realistic doubt, as he’s far too sophisticated to already stand accused of all those nasty things I mentioned.

For by first publicly offering the other cheek, showing due humility and already predictably getting ridiculed in extremists quarters he already has conquered the moral high ground by saying ‘See, I offered them accommodation and decency and they laughed at me! Don’t blame America or accuse it of imperialism, neo-colonialism, satanic mercantilism or whatever! YOU are the bad apples!’, giving him the political capital that Bush and the Neo-Cons squandered, and doing anything they did but better, including renewed preemptive strikes and armed intervention, if driven to extreme positions by senseless, dangerous men.

The Right is always strong but simplistic, their methods often failing. Perhaps the super Liberal Mr. Nice Guy is wrong but right, with a hidden piece of steel in his spine to deal with the worst and behind all the grandiose words his smile the only thing disarming.

Unless on the other side of the simultaneous chess match of course they adopt the same posture: smile, apologize but remain obstinate and prevail. Though with so much deliberate rationality, there’s every chance at one point some sense will also see the day.

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