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Wet Finger

A lot of people unable to tell us accurately what the weather’s going to be three days from now, pretend to know with precision what’s it going to be, a hundred years from now. (Claude Allègre).

True enough, but let’s clean up the planet anyway! (A. Steyning)

Dry Martini

The Sahara was formed during a long stretch between 3000 and 6000 years ago, having had absolutely nothing to do with human behaviour, activity, punishment or salvation. In fact a brilliant new scientific study has revealed that what apparently changed a lush, sub-tropical landscape into a desert, was lack of rain. In the same region there were also fish fossils found, on mountain tops! So that which once wet now dry and down up, but tomorrow likely Sierra again. The planet constantly on the move I do worry and we must clean up, but let’s first have a drink and cease to be hysterical!

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