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Chinese Fortune

If there’s a country with an aversion to all things nuclear, this country for obvious reasons is Japan. It is only a moody, suicidal and mentally afflicted entity that plays and menaces with weapons of this kind. But then self-destruction is very much part of segments of Oriental culture, as is compulsive obstinacy. A bit like Japan itself manifested not so long ago, in the end only getting liberated by means of massive defeat, as contradictory as this sounds.

So that if there is a country having gone through this painful cycle, better than anyone able to understand the solution to North Korea’s inevitable woes, it again and superbly is Japan.

And the grand irony, now, that after killing the dragon in its own belly and because of North Korea’s nearness and inherent menace to its shores, Japan must do what it swore it would never do. And that is embrace plutonic love, nuclear weaponry, this time to slay the tiny, nascent but vile dragon next door and probably undoing these bombs once the dirty job of destroying perceived evil complete.

On the other hand as a former colony of Japan, North Korea is highly qualified to sense what all this means, and what forces it unleashes upon itself by its phoney anger and posturing. For if I were Kim Jong-Il and weighing my regime’s survival chances, I would start worrying a lot less about the USA and a lot more about Japan.

And I totally agree with the assumption that what would terrify China politically and historically more than anything else, also is a nuclear re-armed Japan.

So that in the end all eyes remain fixed on Beijing, its immobility with respect to North Korea’s constant threats quite incomprehensible as this is much more than a matter of Chinese maturity or leadership: it is a matter of the long-term survival of its own regime.

North Korea is bad news for China, its regional hegemony and economy, China the only country that can starve the tumour by depriving it of oxygen, yet doing nothing to stamp out this nuclear nonsense once and for all. Unless it doesn’t know how to control the chemical weapons Pyongyang’s zealots will undoubtedly and uncontrollably release once the final curtain starts coming down.

So why then doesn’t China pre-emptively strike out quite decisively at its puny neighbour, late at night, the deranged asleep, limiting the overall damage, preserving the balance, in the end not destroying but preserving millions of innocent lives, just like others did, elsewhere, in ’45? And while slaying sick obstinacy, offer liberation by means of massive defeat. Oriental style! And as long as compromise remains impossibly elusive.

PS This quote is from my literary website: History shows it’s impossible for a people to prosper, if the art of compromise hasn’t entered its culture

Nuclear Lunatics

North Korea is worrisome, not because of its might, but because it is totally obstinate and neurotic.

Japan should know, its suicidal Military and deluded Emperor simply didn’t know how to quit, until they were nuked. It’s how North Korea will end up, or probably more like a tumor strangled to death, deprived of all blood and oxigen, but out of spite half destroying South Korea perhaps. Then again, should things really get ugly, the US can take out its entire leadership with their top secret space laser.

In general then, this is not a matter of politics, but one of type of character and culture. The only ones able to prevent a scenario of the sort, the Chinese. And none of it a test of Mr Obama and the USA, but of China’s maturity.

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