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Supreme Pro Everything

America is a place where Pro-Life, Pro-Gun yet the Death Penalty should you use one, has again been confirmed but the Supreme Court. You figure it out, as I can’t.

Health Problems

The US Supreme Court didn’t design the course and doesn’t play it. But as a rules committee it exudes the criterion of obedience and conformity with a view to par for that course. To expect the US Supreme Court to overrule the 2d amendment is crazy, they probably pack a gun themselves, besides the body doesn’t legislate as such, it pickles and preserves. And again it didn’t lift a finger to save 40 000 gunned down lives every year, by obliging the population to study the constitution every day from 6 pm to 6 am, so reducing shooting time and the number of victims considerably. Or declaring the manufacture of bullets unconstitutional and a danger to public health. A health issue then… know what I mean?

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