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Blatant Russian Logic


The defence of the young man who had killed both his parents argued

that he had become a poor orphan and so did not need to be punished,

but protected and consoled.


Mr Putin in defence of Mr Assad, who killed a quarter of a million men,

women and children and made refugees out of ten times as many, argues

that the only one who can stop the killing is poor Mr Assad, who does not

need to be punished but instead is in need of urgent assistance and care.


Monty Python Redux


Whereupon these Taliban, Al Qaeda and Isis fun guys were having a party

and spontaneously sang and whistled:



Things will turn out for the best

Always look on the bright side of…. death






Yes, always look on the bright side of…. death








And their audience just died!




Speaks for itself


Lose Badly And Ye Shall Win!


The Palestinians complain that unless they attack, nothing happens for years,

nobody paying attention to them, and a sort of condescending and highly patronising,

Israeli occupying de facto colonialism sets in, for maybe 50 years or more.



And they are right. This seems to suit among others the Likud party, just fine.



So the Palestinians will attack and attack, even though they haven’t a hope in hell to

defeat an Israel screaming bloody murder, and never failing to grossly over-react.

To wit, 2000 Gaza civilian deaths and total obliteration of its structures over what

started as the idiotic, cruel murder of 3 of its teenagers by rogue Palestinian nationalists.

The added rockets also seem to do little, except to help Israel cry wolf.


All of which is provoking worldwide condemnation of Israel, and may lead to painful

 isolation, and, believe it or not ultimately drive it towards a meaningful, not cosmetic,

peace effort leading to a free Palestinian State.


So don’t expect today’s fires to dwindle any time soon. And let’s see who the really smart ones are.

High Provincialism vs the Universal


Breakfast-prayer Conservatives are against Universal Healthcare, because

they are feral individualists incapable of accommodation, with personal rights

to the Gospel.


They say Social Care leads to godless Socialism, so that understandably God forbids it

and they must fight it..


Talk about circular, pocket book caressing reasoning, that is if one can call it reasoning.




Only on Earth


We shouldn’t cry

when someone dear and near

passes away,

if we believe in heaven

and eternal sanctity




We should cry

when losing the lot,

our crust, our roof, our breath,

in the process

gaining cruel pain and terror,

 ‘heaven’, despite its hopeful beckoning,

deciding to come crashing down on us



We shouldn’t cry

when a total stranger

extends a  sudden, loving act

of helpfulness

to us




But we do!

Don’t we?

Not only because of its extreme beauty,

but because of its ridiculous,

its utter







Soldier’s Ire

In Africa, civil or otherwise, war is defined as the sad situation whereby people who don’t know each other at all, will kill each other on behalf of those who know each other well!


And can you imagine a cruel, crazy French president giving orders to bomb large parts of Paris to destroy the ‘enemy’, simply because he is no longer tolerated? Too insane to contemplate, isn’t it? Yet that is what is happening in Damascus and Aleppo, because pilots in Syria don’t think twice before stepping into their cockpits and bomb their own brothers, sisters and their lovely kids to death. Then fly back to pick up a medal or two, have tea and eat their falafel before picking up their own child from kindergarten, with a smile.


“Daddy’s back, little Ahmed! Did you have fun today?”


It is a known dictum that pilots, like soldiers, are paid not to think. It was so in Japan and in Germany not long ago. It still is so in Syria, where primitives bomb their own with glee it seems and upon demand. But no longer in Ukraine where his personal guards abandoned a morally corrupt president, and the army and police made it known they would ignore his demands if asked to slaughter innocents to keep him on top.


So then let there be this warning to hungry autocrats and blinkered generals: think twice and abandon force as a political tool, be inclusive whatever the conflict is and deal with it effectively and peacefully, for in ever larger parts of the world the days of the non-thinking soldier is over, one who no longer shoots when you say so, whether you like it or not and indirectly, by not shooting becoming the real ruler of the realm.  


The Great Kalashnikov

Rampant life, kills life. The food chain cleans up and controls the numbers.

Humans escaped the food chain by the evolution of their wits and have only viruses, and related or unrelated diseases to deal with.

Plus car, train and plane accidents, and the Assad and Himmler method of population control, of course.

Israel (1)

The problem is that by spending centuries among brutes, one becomes brutal. The brutal Russian mafia in New York’s Brighton Beach, are in fact mainly Jewish. The influx of Russian Jews in Israel, I’m told, has introduced harshness to society that wasn’t nearly as pronounced before. To form a government taking into account severe divisions of attitude between many, many quarters is bound to lead to unholy alliances under electoral laws, regularly producing coalitions of half a dozen parties. In real life the former Russian Jew having nothing in common with a Sephardic Jew, just like a Swedish Catholic is only nominally similar to the Spanish one. So that a so-called Jewish Nation is in fact a fiction after 2000 years of Diaspora, and as a consequence a Jewish State at this stage still not ‘natural’, despite the lore, despite the legend.

Is it a wonder then that it produces such miserable leaders? To choose this career in such a political wilderness takes a special kind of street fighter, not a pragmatic, patrician thinker, a savvy Statesman. A bit of a thug in other words, with little class, some education perhaps and a deep voice, but really not the brightest, Israel’s finest minds remaining on the sidelines. The public time and again finding out what misery it brought upon itself through the ballot box: after it’s too late of course. Vote too narrow, and you condemn the country.

Democracy does require a modicum of cohesion, or at least a certain homogeneity of vision, of method, of respect. Whereas the mentality and background of such an incompatibly intra-ethnic composition cannot be changed at this point, it would behoove Israel to try and arrive at two new political stations. One, to change to a two party system, the other to a two tier run-off election system whereby a person may ‘correct’ his vote two weeks on.

Maybe this way Israel will survive by example, instead of by brawn based on dead-end, protected arrogance, shaking the likes of cads like Liebefrau and Netangugle, coming up with someone named Mandelasohn.

Of course Palestine’s ‘leadership’ is even more pathetic, perhaps that’s also why….

America vs Islam

America is preoccupied with the image it has in the Muslim world, which is nothing compared to the image Muslims have created for themselves in the rest of the world but are blind to. The Muslim world proving to be incapable of evolution, of self-criticism, of reform or bringing itself and its morals into the XXIst century.

Therefore concessions made on the basis of reciprocity never leading to meaningful policy. Not before Islam generates the dynamics of an Old Testament and a New Testament, moving from a culture of revenge and retribution to one of forgiveness and tolerance. At one point Aristotelian truthfulness incorporated into the national curriculum and modern day Islamic reformers arising, doing what Luther, Calvin and others did for successful, prosperous Christianity, pulling Islam out of cruel corruption and complacency.

Until such time, endless conflict and deception, unless true political visionaries like Ata Turk come to the fore, as a first step separating Church and State in modern Islamic countries. And good people to ask about progress, Muslim women, of course

PS In this general direction, what did the American University in Beirut or Cairo ever achieve, but kowtow?

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