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‘Green’ Death?

Worldwide arms industries and the American National Rifle Association are all to be commended for their contributions towards planetary population control. Their motto: Don’t worry! What Aids, Malaria and Cancer don’t get, we get!

(31.000 deadly shootings a year in the US, 31x the annual number of soldiers lost in the Iraq conflict…. But not a word from indignant moviestars and evangelistic comedians. This is called directed indignation!)

Pakistan (Bis)

The rag-tag, moped army of the Taliban plays the Pakistani military like a violin. Their only real weapon blending in with the population, in an instant becoming kamikazes on a bike. They have no tanks, no air force, not even underwear it seems and in strictly military terms pesky, even lethal but in the end insignificant and at war really only with modernity.

They know Islamabad’s obsession with New Delhi and will bomb the Indians so Pakistan devotes all its attention to getting blamed for it and be ready for retribution by garnering its concentration, troops and support mechanisms direction India instead of the Waziristans, leaving those very Taliban and their sympathizers free to operate despite the central government having more than 1 million men under arms, including reservists, but dedicating less than 50.000 of them to their own insurgent territories. In reverse sense much like treating a furry dog pissing on one’s boots to a biscuit, only to find out where its muzzle is so one can kick it in the arse as bloody ferociously as possible.

Just watch it, everything’s very visible and predictable: when the Taliban in Pakistan are up to something they’ll first attack an Indian Embassy, hotel or subway before carrying out the strikes it really prizes inside their own shifty borders. All the while demonstrating Islamabad is not in full control of its territory, the scary part, given its nuclear inventory and fous-de-Dieu to overflow.

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