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God Save America

Me and my fellow murderers, psychopaths, hate mongers,

deranged fantasists and obscene attention seekers able to count

on self-fulfilling media coverage, wish to thank the NRA for their

unwavering support, allowing us to live our dreams and defend

ourselves against despicable monsters like fellow students, toddlers,

Catholics, Jews, Blacks, Latinos, or in general people with an accent,

or people who are brighter, work harder, have more success, and all

those others whose face we cannot stand.


Because the NRA understands that the gun is our brain, just like it is theirs,

especially the semi-automatic one. And that no regulation will stop us, for as

long as we can just borrow one, except when the oppressor cleverly bans

not the gun, but the bullet. In which case I guarantee you bullet trafficking will

outdo drug trafficking within months.


With the NRA’s unconditional support we have averaged the elimination of

30.000 enemies a year, over the past decade. But with help and devotion

there is no reason we cannot vastly improve on this number.


So God bless the morally corrupt and certifiably insane, because we have

what it takes.


Testimonial signed and agreed on between


Anthony Steyning & pals

What If

What if… the brain is like a face, pretty, ugly, elongated or puffed, skin marked or not, loose or tight, of colour indistinct, wrinkles deep, nose pointed, dull, long, short, chin double or tight, lips large, thin, ears flat, wide, eyes oblique, dark, myopic, below brows bushy, frown sudden, smile furtive, muscles of laughter relaxed, uncertain or fake, cheeks hollow, teeth not stained, but uneven,  gums pink, jaw sunk, suddenly jutted in ways undefined, hair patched, black, brown, blond on grey turf, memory inscribed long ago, opinions caked with acts to match, whether it is night or day, dry or wet, hot or cold?


Or more like a landscape, a voyage in it, through it, on it, in which case desert, forest, marsh, plain, mountain range, ocean, beach, ice field, a river, a lake?


Would it help any navigating our fellow, our selves, circumventing calamity,




Two Cats To Go

If a cat has 9 lives

And I had 7 cats,

It may be said that I had 63 lives inside my own

With which to do whatever what.


None to impose, but a few to waste perhaps,

The hours of dolce-far-niente, of contemplation,

But also of frustration,

In which pain real and imagined, wouldn’t, couldn’t stop.


But here I am, 2 cats to go, and still discovering, hoping.

For more cats and for far fewer of us,

The doors of paradise

Slightly more open.


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Baghdad Blues

Countries with irreconcilable factions, it seems, only function under the dictatorship of one of these. Free the people and soon they’re back under another’s tyranny. Societies that don’t possess the art of compromise cannot and will not prosper. There are only two solutions, one the maturing of all of its people, but this can take centuries, the other relocation of its factions into separate republics under international supervision, with proportionate sharing of all national wealth guaranteed again by the international community. And this will never happen, because the international community also is rivalry ridden. In other words, get ready for another one party or group dictatorship under the guise of democracy. Let’s face it, Mexico and others managed it semi-peacefully for nearly a century.

Oh, Iran!

I too think in recent strife all fingers point at Iran. And Al Queda will remain a deadly, ‘romantic’ gang, disturbing but never disrupting and always just that: a gang. But Iranian religious neo-cons think they’ve found themselves a niche from which to aggrandize themselves and at the same time shame their sizeable, young domestic opposition into complacency. They know they can’t take on the world, a backward nation with barely 70 million souls on board cannot have such wet dreams. But the hawks smell they can eventually rightly or wrongly be seen as having the West retreat significantly from all Islamic territories and severely limit Israeli ambitions, which would guarantee their pre-eminence in the muslim world and have the long oppressed Chiites end up ruling the more numerous and traditionally more powerful Suunis. That final victory won’t hold for two good reasons. Iranians are not Arabs and sooner than later deferring to them will cause unbearable chafing. The other reason is the final realization by the great developed nations that they can no longer build their societies around the availability of fossil fuels, if anything for compelling ecological reasons. Petroleum therefore becoming a commodity only as important as barley and soya. Plus Israel will come to realize it must be brotherly and buy itself into Palestinian graces, removing that thorn in the arse as a dynamo of all that misspent Islamic energy. But all of this will go on another decade or two.(summer 06)

(I wrote this three years ago, so only seventeen years left, towards peace)

On Turkey

That this country will join the European Union is a historical inevitability, more, it is a historical imperative. Timing represents the only remaining doubt. That it has managed to separate church and state and is already very close to achieving the western work ethic and will be forced to honour individual freedoms coupled with a fair judicial system, guarantees an enlightened Islamic base. The perfect future role model for surrounding Islamic Middle-East nations and a priceless contribution to world peace. The implications staggering, ignoring these anorexic politics.(summer 05)

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