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European Drama


Of all people, Greeks appear to be no Aristotelians



High Provincialism vs the Universal


Breakfast-prayer Conservatives are against Universal Healthcare, because

they are feral individualists incapable of accommodation, with personal rights

to the Gospel.


They say Social Care leads to godless Socialism, so that understandably God forbids it

and they must fight it..


Talk about circular, pocket book caressing reasoning, that is if one can call it reasoning.




Vision Thing

Hugo Chavez was a self-made victim. His exaggerated resentment of the U.S. not so much a sentiment as a tool that killed him by way of making the ideological choice not to get treated for his cancer in New York or in Houston, but in Havana.  


Even the Pope doesn’t go to Lourdes when he’s sick, but to the American Hospital in Rome.


It’s all right to believe, but not to be stupid.


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A Piece of Tail

As a person who has always tried to be solidaire with the rest, I instinctively lean towards the left. But I must also call a spade a spade, and in liberal democracies around the world it has been proven time and again that the left cannot govern with ease, or for a long time, and certainly not during prolonged moments of crisis.

The left has never been very successful, alas, and more specifically in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy or Great Britain of late, except perhaps for Tony Blair’s first lustrum, and only because he didn’t break with Thatcher’s right-wing economic policies, calling himself ‘New Labour’. And while Latin America is in desperate need of proper left/right calibration, its leftist emerging governments without exception complete disasters. Barring Chile, though only on the second or third try, plus now Brazil under Senhor Lula.

As far as the USA is concerned, the Democrats haven’t had many Presidents, and these in my opinion not its finests, with the exception of FDR, perhaps. Since him, the ‘left’’s accomplishment important civil rights gains, but not much more before or after Selma with many years of no screaming lefties whatsoever, just another big business party with jet-setting, mostly super-rich leaders. One drive through America bearing out what I’m trying to say, about equitable wealth distribution in them thar States

In my blog of August 27 Brightness Dark I observe that the right everywhere are the doers, hardworking, systematic, but not exceptionally smart, and also the selfish, impatient and intolerant ones. The organised left tending to be sharper but also lazier, leading to a more easily corrupt and often intellectually dishonest stance. People who never really worked, except for the union, the council or the faculty, on the one hand misty eyed and calling everyone else oppressor, even in the much enlightened XXI century, but on the other hand comfortable fakers, dodgers and procrastinators a tad parasitical.

Spain one more time proving socialists don’t know how to govern, raising taxes to pay for the over-draft in times of dire straights, when they should be doing the opposite, stimulating small businesses to hire back millions of the unemployed. The current government unable to originate a single initiative creating a new course for the ship of state. Because it’s never run a business. Not even a fruit store.

So that in modern society, yes there must be alternance. And there should be a responsible, a loyal left. But it must be recognised the tail cannot wag the dog and sofar the left has only really served to correct, to curtail, to amend, to balance, to check, to off-set here and there, nowhere coming up with sound, disciplined, long-term economic policy, before dishing out all those State goodies. Because by definition… that’s all it’s capable of.

A good premise, all of this, for a dissertation, not a blog, but sometimes my impatience with left leadership reaches the point of boiling over.

Giving Them a Chance

All this American right-wing hysteria about Socialism: if crime and riots take place, the police steps in, establishes order and withdraws. This does not a Police State make. If Banks falter, the Government taking them over, stabalizing them, then withdrawing: This is not Socialism by a long shot. In fact the US has no real economic Left, never had one after Roosevelt. Its only huge social victory since then Civil Rights legislation of course, but not lifting a finger on policies like universal healthcare etc afterwards.

One drive through downtown America quickly showing its Left’s utter failings, the Democrats a big spending business party like any other, its leaders multi-millionaires, slums encountered everywhere proof they’re busy doing other things. The UK once having a Left, but achieving its main goals in part by embracing (Conservative) finance and trade ideals, Blair becoming Thatcher’s child. In France Leftist ideals winning by the Right taking them over, in other words Socialists losing the election, and continuing to remain in limbo for lack of identity. Germany having a national unity coalition government, moving both to the Left and to the Right on most issues, most of the time. So that nearly everywhere Left and Right have become misnomers, and what we have in the West the Ins and the Outs, with the only difference and divide: management, craft and personal principle, as there no longer exists any real argument about social democracy, about restraining capitalism not killing it, about the nature of the beast, the tail not wagging it, about mutual respect and transparency and last but not least about the ultimate motivation of and thus need for class fluidity.

In other words a political maturing not found anywhere, those places where governance still oscillates between the despotic and the idiotic, places where race, creed, age, gender, station, party loyalty only serve to dominate. Where social and political dilution does not take place, where spiritual and practical altruism if practiced, still sends one to an early grave. Where delusions, not dilution, thrive.

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