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Monty Python Redux


Whereupon these Taliban, Al Qaeda and Isis fun guys were having a party

and spontaneously sang and whistled:



Things will turn out for the best

Always look on the bright side of…. death






Yes, always look on the bright side of…. death








And their audience just died!


O Taliban! O Taliban!

How loyal àre your weapons…..?

Sung to O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, of course. What a question!

I repeat my April 18th entry:

Pakistani politics often play themselves out along these paradigms of logic and persuasion:

-I’m a reasonable person

-Therefore I’ll reason with you

-Unless you happen to get killed by a good friend of mine

-Then I can’t reason with you

-You’ll agree this is extremely reasonable


I read how the Taliban in southern Afghanistan are becoming fearful of GI and Drone attacks, often fleeing dressed as women covered in burqas. Well now this is impossible, because to know fear is to have at least some mental development, of which these folks sadly have little. Secondly and proof of this is that they hide behind the very skirts of those they claim are unworthy chattel, weak and insignificant.

Not an admirable bunch, are they? And proving one more time that ‘fearless national heroes’ are excellent morons, at best.

Swat News

The sad news is that 500.000 terrified civilians are fleeing their homes in Pakistan’s Swat Valley, not having any desire to get mowed down by Taliban insurgents or Army attack units. The terrific news is that apparently these people don’t care for Allah’s maniacs, crazies and would-be rulers either, telling us the Taliban’s support is not as substantial as we’re led to believe and put down with relative ease once Pakistan purges its own Military’s misguided Islamic sympathizers and other super ‘patriots’.

A wise man said India is a State with a Military, but Pakistan is a Military with a State, India rightfully having no time for it, but equally harbouring no evil designs towards its unstable neighbour. Quite the contrary, there’s nothing India would rather possess than a peaceful, solid, constructive sub-continental partner, but tell that to the Pakistani brass making a terrific career out of war-mongering and collusion, sending an additional 1500 (!) soldiers to the North East while maintaining close to a million on the other side ‘defending’ itself against the Indian ‘invader’!

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