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Monty Python Redux


Whereupon these Taliban, Al Qaeda and Isis fun guys were having a party

and spontaneously sang and whistled:



Things will turn out for the best

Always look on the bright side of…. death






Yes, always look on the bright side of…. death








And their audience just died!


Pamplona Mi Amor

The bulls get up early, have a hardy, hasty breakfast and then get ready for a morning run down the narrow streets. Where not so many local Basks from the Navarre region try and out-sprint them, but every drunken fool from Poughkeepsie and New Castle it seems.

Personally I think the death run should be reserved for ETA terrorists and their followers, giving them a taste of what it is like to be hunted, gored before cheering crowds on secure balconies, sacrificed on the altar of someone else’s twisted dreams. Become, in other words, the aching, bleeding flesh on the skeleton of naive abstractions, done in by those refusing to suffer themselves.

They say convictions can be a terrible thing, but cowards have none at all. What they do is spin their greatest tales around them, attempting to hide their immense inferiority behind a cruel, perverse sense of worthiness.

And this no bull again! Ask San Fermin!

Nuclear Zoo

Perhaps the international community should reserve an enclosed, outdoor sanctuary letting loose the insane-by-conviction, those creating one hell in order to live in a subsequent one, all reason lost, providing them with bombs, mortars, hand grenades and machine guns, and see what happens. Like some nature park since they’re part of it, experts observing them from a safe distance as they annihilate each other, causes, violent beliefs and all. Big problems on occasion, only able to eliminate themsèlves. The final show. But also the ultimate spectator sport.

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