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Buda’s Pest

And then there was the Hungarian tramp Meri Whory-Zontal

Shake It, Baby

Besides my new line of toupées for motorcycle helmets, I have this great idea for another brand new product. Instead of a mobile phone that vibrates, I’ll come out with a vibrator that telephones. No, this not a vibraphone. Also, my toilet bowls placed inside elevators so you can take that crap on your way up to the twenty-second floor, are flying off the shelf. Thought I’d bring you up to date on Steyning Enterprises, badly in need of venture capital.

A Piece of Tail

As a person who has always tried to be solidaire with the rest, I instinctively lean towards the left. But I must also call a spade a spade, and in liberal democracies around the world it has been proven time and again that the left cannot govern with ease, or for a long time, and certainly not during prolonged moments of crisis.

The left has never been very successful, alas, and more specifically in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy or Great Britain of late, except perhaps for Tony Blair’s first lustrum, and only because he didn’t break with Thatcher’s right-wing economic policies, calling himself ‘New Labour’. And while Latin America is in desperate need of proper left/right calibration, its leftist emerging governments without exception complete disasters. Barring Chile, though only on the second or third try, plus now Brazil under Senhor Lula.

As far as the USA is concerned, the Democrats haven’t had many Presidents, and these in my opinion not its finests, with the exception of FDR, perhaps. Since him, the ‘left’’s accomplishment important civil rights gains, but not much more before or after Selma with many years of no screaming lefties whatsoever, just another big business party with jet-setting, mostly super-rich leaders. One drive through America bearing out what I’m trying to say, about equitable wealth distribution in them thar States

In my blog of August 27 Brightness Dark I observe that the right everywhere are the doers, hardworking, systematic, but not exceptionally smart, and also the selfish, impatient and intolerant ones. The organised left tending to be sharper but also lazier, leading to a more easily corrupt and often intellectually dishonest stance. People who never really worked, except for the union, the council or the faculty, on the one hand misty eyed and calling everyone else oppressor, even in the much enlightened XXI century, but on the other hand comfortable fakers, dodgers and procrastinators a tad parasitical.

Spain one more time proving socialists don’t know how to govern, raising taxes to pay for the over-draft in times of dire straights, when they should be doing the opposite, stimulating small businesses to hire back millions of the unemployed. The current government unable to originate a single initiative creating a new course for the ship of state. Because it’s never run a business. Not even a fruit store.

So that in modern society, yes there must be alternance. And there should be a responsible, a loyal left. But it must be recognised the tail cannot wag the dog and sofar the left has only really served to correct, to curtail, to amend, to balance, to check, to off-set here and there, nowhere coming up with sound, disciplined, long-term economic policy, before dishing out all those State goodies. Because by definition… that’s all it’s capable of.

A good premise, all of this, for a dissertation, not a blog, but sometimes my impatience with left leadership reaches the point of boiling over.


He stood accused of abusing his estrangled wife…


I never understood Argentinians shouting Avoid Perón, Evita Perón, and then applaud him wildly after he shows up with his wife!

Convenient Genealogy

Not only is it a fact that every leader in the Islamic world worth his salt turns out to be a direct descendent of Mohammed, and every U.S. President a distant cousin of the Queen, it has now been conclusively proven that Farrah Fawcett and Jimmy Tapp shared the same ancestor. An eighteenth century plumber, in south coastal Texas.

Victims Betray Victims

Revenge that most primitive and thus strongest of all sentiments. Far stronger than love, tolerance, understanding, generosity, charity and sadly more recidivist than all of these put together.

Abused children, justifiably angry, very angry, much later taking it out on their own children by being…abusive. Showing them what it was like, time and again, instead of protecting them. Some even becoming child killers, dehumanizing their victims first by refusing to see them as a child, and secondly by attempting to get back at society as a whole, all these original perpetrators and those who let them get away with it, looking the other way, refusing to see the danger, to feel the pain, to hear those menacing footsteps in the night, cruelty begetting more cruelty, not the intolerance of it, the strong resentment of it, the disgusted, instinctive dismissal of it, having been exposed to its catastrophic, obsession creating effect.

The Jewish film director, losing his mother to the murderous keepers of Auschwitz, and then his pregnant wife to a band of raping lunatics, but a short while later drugging and raping a thirteen year old child as if he didn’t know what pain was, inflicting it with a sadistic, perverse vengeance on a girl who was not part of that other sorrow.

But also tribal, family or neighborhood revenge for honour lost, honour real but mostly honour imagined. Like the Head of Obstetrics, guardian of the miracle of life and well-being, from a country that will go unnamed, succeeding in America after receiving his doctorate there and planning the murder of his own daughter after she fell in love with an American boy and putting her father to apparent shame, in the eyes of those in his former country no doubt. Because, you see, she hadn’t obeyed him, which was shameful, even 10.000 miles and 2 decades removed, authority and status everything in places where killing always seems to be the lesser evil.

Or what the Klan’s fear represented, feeling threatened by a group of outcasts, quite powerless and innocent, attacking it in the night, stringing up its members like strange fruit, if it could, taking back its pound of flesh exactly for which slight? Revenge and punishment irrational then, but worse, so often abstract and imaginary, and still followed by visceral, reprehensible acts.

So let us re-define shame, not bogus shame, and let us re-define pain and let us define innocence, or who and what is another and who or what is us. And then take all this human primitiveness away, for worse not better than animals we still remain! Or not?


Holiday maker: Tourgasm?

Danish Delight: Smorgasm?

Bottom Lines

In economics the big picture is the consumer: every economic indicator of substance has to take into account the end-user phenomenon or risk being utterly irrelevant. In politics it’s demographics.

On a world-scale, aids and malaria vanquished would vastly stimulate Third World population in the first instance, not perhaps the effect the planet objectively speaking had bargained for. That is, we simply cannot add a billion souls to the planet every decade, which is what’s been happening for the last half century. But hang on, in the second instance it has been shown and shown again that local populations actually decline when parents see children survive to take care of them in their old age. This did not happen before and led to the exaggerated and haphazard over-breeding in turn enslaving all to that other grind, the dreadful daily one i.e. too many, many mouths to fill each sunset. So that eventually and after all families did manage their birth-rates down, reducing those populations.

Furthermore, the world food supply is still adequate and anyway I will never forget the dozens of DC7 night cargo propeller flights I saw passing through Montreal’s Dorval airport where I worked the ramp at one time, loaded with free food and supplies donated by Eskimo children in northern Canada to drought caused starvation victims in Ethiopia and the horn of Africa, for that also is the brave new world.

All this meaning, one more time, that sometimes we must go in deeper before we get out of our mess, in this case disease management and population control only seemingly incompatible. Even the faith-based, pro-numerous-creation crowd itself known to decline after full economic parity is achieved. Through medical or educational breakthrough and demographic product distribution, things coming full circle.


Sir Michael Aymeswell: And may I say, Sir, I certainly hope so!

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