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The problem is that by spending centuries among brutes, one becomes brutal. The brutal Russian mafia in New York’s Brighton Beach, are in fact mainly Jewish. The influx of Russian Jews in Israel, I’m told, has introduced harshness to society that wasn’t nearly as pronounced before. To form a government taking into account severe divisions of attitude between many, many quarters is bound to lead to unholy alliances under electoral laws, regularly producing coalitions of half a dozen parties. In real life the former Russian Jew having nothing in common with a Sephardic Jew, just like a Swedish Catholic is only nominally similar to the Spanish one. So that a so-called Jewish Nation is in fact a fiction after 2000 years of Diaspora, and as a consequence a Jewish State at this stage still not ‘natural’, despite the lore, despite the legend.

Is it a wonder then that it produces such miserable leaders? To choose this career in such a political wilderness takes a special kind of street fighter, not a pragmatic, patrician thinker, a savvy Statesman. A bit of a thug in other words, with little class, some education perhaps and a deep voice, but really not the brightest, Israel’s finest minds remaining on the sidelines. The public time and again finding out what misery it brought upon itself through the ballot box: after it’s too late of course. Vote too narrow, and you condemn the country.

Democracy does require a modicum of cohesion, or at least a certain homogeneity of vision, of method, of respect. Whereas the mentality and background of such an incompatibly intra-ethnic composition cannot be changed at this point, it would behoove Israel to try and arrive at two new political stations. One, to change to a two party system, the other to a two tier run-off election system whereby a person may ‘correct’ his vote two weeks on.

Maybe this way Israel will survive by example, instead of by brawn based on dead-end, protected arrogance, shaking the likes of cads like Liebefrau and Netangugle, coming up with someone named Mandelasohn.

Of course Palestine’s ‘leadership’ is even more pathetic, perhaps that’s also why….


I agree sicko priestly misbehavior has little to do with the celibacy rule. If a priest with uncontrollable sexual desire needs to sin, all he has to do is take off his frock and sneak into a red light district somewhere. The rest is between him, his God and his prostitute. If he’s queer, he doesn’t have to look very far around the diocese or else do likewise and slip into something neutral before making his way to the public toilet, in some park.

No, insidious pedophiles join the Church for one single purpose, having nothing to do with faith and with God, but everything with long-term planning and gaining limitless access to defenseless children, to satisfy their sinister lust. Like so many Scout leaders, Sports team coaches and kindergarten attendants, and Ireland having little to do with it.

The priesthood is for intellectual, emotional, moral, and sexual dishonesty, let the bastards go bugger themselves. No child anywhere in the world should ever be entrusted to any organization of the sort.

Cold, Salt & Romance

Marine experts noting whales swimming thousands of miles to mate in warmer waters around the Cape of Good Hope (!), Hawaii and other such places are at a loss to explain the phenomenon. Personally I suspect it is because they can’t get a hard on in the arctic. The whales, I meant…


Seeing as the next one up for sacrifice in Holland is the ultra-right politician Wilders, one wonders if the assassin of film maker Van Gogh realises that he sort of proved Theo’s point?

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